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Uttam Shend Jehawani’s useful suggestions about Agriculture

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Krishi Jagran Media Group:  Uttam Shend Jehawani, 42 years old and based in Bundi, Rajasthan is a graduate in commerce. He does farming along with his uncle and has very good knowledge about modern technology and markets. Mainly, he grows Wheat crop. He supplies their crop in Kota and Warangal at reasonable rates.

Mr. Uttam shared his experiences and suggestions to other farmers through Krishi Jagran Media Group. He prefers using Tafe Tractor, Drip irrigation and small dams for saving water. Mr. Uttamis keen on focusing on those crops only which have provided good returns in year 2013-2014 through modern technologies According to Mr. Jehawani local growers should plan their cultivation after considering the crop quality and compatibility of their lands. He said that the government should educate farmers regarding cultivation practices, soil management etc and teaching basics about agriculture to labors as well as farmers, so that they can do productive farming by modern way. Farmers should be made aware about government policies, weather condition & market trends so that they are able to do farming according shifting sands and could get the desired benefits.

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