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Varanasi Youths Profited Rs.3000 per day by Selling Vegetables Online

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Online marketing of where on the one hand, large companies were selling wide stuff, there by three youths of Varanasi has launched its website. This online website not just for farmers , but gaining everybody living in the village to get fresh vegetables were adequately is sitting at home. The Prime Minister's Narendra  Modi's constituency in Varanasi is also changing trend of business  these days. This changing trend in India is influenced by the  Hon`ble Prime Minister`s  ‘Make In India’ or ‘Start Up India‘.  

Usually  students , after completing  their  graduation they are looking for placements in good fortune companies. Attending interviews  in big companies, preparing for the nice presentation is the daily course of the many upcoming, enterprising youth.

 Here is the example of such enterprising  youth after completion of his masters degree in the computer applications in Varanasi narrated his story of becoming the business man by his enterprising approach. Amit  Chaoubey after completed his MCA went for interview in big companies and was not able to get the desired position. His dreams were unfulfilled.

Amit says, ‘after giving interviews in many companies ,one day while I saw a website of Ahmedabad, and I have get an idea and share this idea with my two friends Ashutosh Gupta and Rakesh Tripathi told about it. Banarsisabji.com investment  cost 70,000 rupees and today it is  having Rs. 3000 profit per day.

Amit Choubey (23) done  MCA, then his friend Ashutosh Gupta (24) done BCA studies and Rakesh Tripathi (32) completed his  MA studies. The business of online vegetables in Varanasi have been seen for the first time. Significantly, that  belong to youth being made through cheap and easy.

Customers do not face any kind of trouble, so the prices of vegetables is available on the website. Vegetables  are  reached in the  house of the people within two hours. Sale and offers are given to the website customers from time to time.  Website don't charge a delivery on purchase of 120 rupees vegetable.  They started their website on 20thJanuary 2016 www.banarsisabji.com.  

 Getting a good response from the customers . Till date there are 250 regular customers  buying online vegetables from this website. Vegetables are purchased directly from the farmers. The vegetables are picked up from the farms directly eliminating the brokers in between on the examples of Farm to Consumer . On  one hand people can get fresh vegetables and on the other hand they don’t have to visit mandi regularly.  And at  the same time farmers get rid from brokers .

Ashutosh and Amit  purchases  fresh and green vegetables  directly  from the farmers. Ashutosh Gupta, said that, ‘ Farmers  also getting benefit  from our website. Traders purchases vegetables  from farmers in very much less prices . Illustration by Ashutosh reported as currently potato is being sold in the market said to be 7 rupees per kilogram . Trader buy at three to four rupees from the farmer, and we buy from farmers at the price of 6 rupees per kilo  and sell the potato to the customer by delivery to their  homes at the price of eight rupees per kilogram.

Through this website, the young  generation can get Employment. Amit says on this matter  that , "we three don’t focus only on the trading but also we focus on the Employment of young generation , for those people who are wandering for the job . Few days earlier  Prime Minister Narendra Modi`s in Adarsh  Gram Jayapur village  employment fair was organized. With the nation's large companies we  were too available there . 25 Jayapur  youth shown interest  to work in  our  company and they were immediately taken by our company to be self employed``. 

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