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Varghese Tharakan's 'Ayurjack' farm is a Pioneer in Jackfruit Cultivation

Nikita Arya
Nikita Arya

What's different about Varghese Tharakan's jackfruit farm is that its jackfruit trees bear fruit twice a year, unlike a regular jackfruit tree that does it once in a year. Needless to say, it is something that draws the attention of many people concerning agriculture, including various researchers and even scholars from Foreign universities like  Australia's Adelaide University. Tharakan's self-developed jackfruit variety also brought recognition to a small hamlet in Central Kerala's Perur named 'Kurumal Kunnu' as his farm has flourished there. 

 Tharakan started off with pursuing agriculture in the year 2005. The thought about experimenting with Jack trees crossed Tharakan 's mind when a jackfruit tree in the backyard of his in-laws' was about to be cut for the sake of road construction. He decided to develop a different variety of jackfruit altogether. “I named it Ayurjack. To my surprise, the new trees started yielding in just two years and that too twice a year like the parent tree", elaborates Tharakan about his noted development. This eventually made him felled down the rubber trees from his five-acre farm and made him plant his own  Ayurjack instead. Since then, there's no looking back for Varghese Tharakan.

He has been awarded with many accolades for his farming techniques. Tharakan recently received 'Shony Mitra' award for soil and water conservation by Dr Arul Arasan, agricultural scientist and member of the Kerala committee. In his praise, Dr Arusal says, " Tharakan crusade for soil conservation is commendable. Jack tree is ideal for soil and water conservation. Tharakan is a  pioneer in this field."


It might astound many but Tharakan does not sell jackfruits and sells only the saplings. Those who buy the saplings from him are mostly those who have somehow failed to cultivate other crops but wish to continue farming with something that allows them to keep up with farming.

Rich in fiber and full of vitamins, jackfruit has many nutritional values and is loved by a large section of consumers. Tharakan's experiment with jackfruit and the creation of Ayurjack contributed towards the issue of food security as this variety of jackfruit proves to be beneficial for both consumers and farmers.

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