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Women Farmer Sets Example by Harvesting Highest Yield from This Latest Wheat Variety

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia

The Center has initiated different schemes to broaden the horizon of India’s agriculture scenario and to involve more and more women farmers in it. The agriculture ministry of India had introduced a new wheat variety Karan Vandana (DBW 187) which is showing the great results in the sown irrigated area of eastern Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam and the northeastern plain areas of West Bengal. This wheat variety is beneficial over the existing wheat varieties HD 2967, K0307, ​​HD 2733, K1006, and DBW 39 for zones. As per the report, this variety of wheat gives better resistance against diseases and blossoms in 77 days and matures in 120 days of sowing. 

It has an average height of 100 cm and has a capacity of 64.70 quintals per hectare. The grain has a better chapati quality with a score of 7.7 / 10 and higher iron content (43.1 ppm). 

In order to popularize and promote this new variety of wheat, the ICAR-Indian Institute of Wheat and Barley Research, Karnal, in association with Mahayogi Gorakhnath Agricultural Science Center, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh on November 16 2018, organized a training program for the farmers. Mrs. Koila Devi from village RakhurJunglekudia, Gorakhpur, was among the 100 farmers who participated in the training program and received a mini-kit of 2.5 kg seed of Karan Vandana. 

She carried out the wheat sowing in line in the third week of November 2018. Smt. Koila applied the recommended dose of fertilizers (150:60:40 kg NPK/ha) in the field and applied the irrigation two times. By carrying out the wedding manually two times during the crop season, she harvested 220 kg wheat yield from the small area of 266 m2 (82.52 q/ha) on 10th April 2019. Now, Devi is the source of aspiration and motivation for the other farmers of the region. 

The other farmers of the District also harvested the high yield. The harvest from the same amount of seed (2.5 kg) at the farmers’ fields in the District varied from 80 to 220 kg from 2.5 kg of the seed. This approach will certainly be helped in the rapid popularization of the variety in the region. 

Thus, women farmers across the country are involving and benefitting from the farming and setting example for others as a “successful farmer”. 

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