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Women in Dairy: Inspiration for others

KJ Staff
KJ Staff
Women in dairy

Bringing 'White Revolution' in the district of Amritpura Kalan, the village of Karnal (Haryana), the Five brave women breaking the social taboos have set an example of farming a cooperative milk dairy named `Anmol Mahila Dugadh Samiti`. They carry a lactometer with them to check the quality of milk they procure and sell.

A village where women cover their faces and are not allowed to venture out of their homes and talk to other men of the village, forming a cooperative society is a big step.

They are in the age group of 30 to 45. The names of these brave and entrepreneurial women are Savita, Kamlesh, Seema, Mamtesh and Murti Devi. NDRI director AK Srivastava and scientists trained them in procuring, processing and selling milk, while Aruna Dayal, trustee of Arpana Trust, and others counselled and supported them in their venture. Arpana Trust, Madhuban, formed a self-help group of five women from Amritpur Kalan village to run a dairy.

It gave a loan of Rs 50,000. Besides, each member pitched in with Rs 5,000 to buy the equipment.

Today, the five women take orders for marriage parties and sell milk and milk products to villagers and shop owners in the district and other nearby villages. A source of inspiration for others in the district.    

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