Are You Set for the Mango Season? Check Out This Summer Recipe

By Mrini Devnani
The period of sun-kissed mangoes and pickle perfection is here. So, let us look at the age-old tradition of mango pickling for tangy delights and culinary creativity.

The Ultimate Pickling Season

Gather your raw mangoes, sugar, spices, and an adventurous spirit! Follow the tried-and-tested recipe with humble ingredients for a tantalizing mango pickle.

Ingredients & Preparation

> Cook until mango pieces are soft and transparent, then cool and bottle.

> Use all ingredients in a thick bottom pan and cook over medium flame.

> Wash, peel, and grate the mangoes.

> Add fennel seeds, raisins, and peppercorns.

> Combine sugar, salt, mangoes, 1/4 cup garlic cloves, red chili powder, and nigella seeds.

Cooking Process

Tip: Preserve the freshness for summer months with smart storage techniques.

Make enough to last a year by preparing 3 batches of 2.5 kgs each annually.

Storage Tips

Elevate any meal with a side of tangy goodness. Whether it's a simple dal-rice combo or an elaborate feast, mango pickles bring a zesty twist to your dining experience.


Get ready for a flavor-packed journey with homemade mango pickles. Indulge in the mango madness and relish every moment. Go for it!


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