Choose the Right soil Mix for Your Indoor Plants

By Shruti Sanwariya

Succulents and Cacti 

These plants thrive in fast-draining and porous soil, which can be a mix of sand, perlite, or pumice. Avoid excess moisture accumulation as it may cause root decay.

Tropical Mix

These plants require soil balancing, moisture retention, and drainage. Peat-based mix with perlite or vermiculite offers aeration and moisture.

Foliage Plants

These plants thrive in evenly moist soil, promoting lush leaf growth. A basic indoor potting mix suffices, but perlite or vermiculite enhances drainage and aeration for healthier roots.

Flowering Indoor Plants

These plants require soil-promoting blooming with proper drainage. A lighter blend with organic matter retains moisture and maintains a slightly acidic to neutral pH.

Herbs and Edible Plants

These plants propagate in well-draining oil. An organic potting mix with compost or aged manure supplies nutrients, and perlite enhances drainage.

Air Purifying Plants

Snake and spider plants, known for air-purifying qualities, tolerate diverse soils. Standard potting mix with perlite or sand helps in drainage and is ideal for low-maintenance care.


Orchids require a soil mix that allows root circulation. A soil mix of bark chips, charcoal, and perlite ensures essential drainage and aeration.

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