Hidden Dangers

Indoor Plants vs. Pet Safety

By - Ravisha Poddar

potential hazard

Certain plants may pose risks to your furry companions. Let's delve into the details!


This captivating 'Swiss Cheese' beauty can induce intense burning and mouth irritation in pets

Snake Plant

Despite their sleek appearance, these plants can bring about hypersalivation, dilated pupils, and gastrointestinal distress in dogs

Peace Lily

It has the potential to cause oral irritation, including burning sensations, excessive drooling, vomiting, and difficulty swallowing


Jade can lead to gastric distress, heartbeat irregularities, depression, and other symptoms in dogs

ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant has the potential to induce diarrhea and vomiting in pets. Additionally, the sap of the plant is considered an irritant for pets

Fiddle Fig

The thick white sap in Fiddle Fig is rich in calcium oxalate crystals, causing painful symptoms for your dog, including skin and gastrointestinal irritation

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