Mahindra NOVO

For Yields that Leave Behind Awe

Say goodbye to cumbersome gear shifts with Mahindra Novo's synchromesh transmission. Experience smooth transitions every time ensuring precision for a comfortable drive.

Elevate your farming precision with Novo's hydraulics boasting up to 2700 kg high lift capacity. Perfect for super seeders and potato planters, it has unmatched accuracy in farming practices.

Stay connected round the clock with Mahindra Tractors equipped with Digisense. Receive real-time updates on your smartphone, keeping you informed about your tractor's performance anytime, anywhere.

Beat the heat with high-operator seating. Engineered to redirect hot air away from the operator, enjoy a cool and comfortable environment even during long hours in the field.

Take control of your fuel consumption with customizable modes. Whether it's Diesel Saver, Normal, or Power mode, choose the setting that suits your needs for optimum fuel efficiency.

Ensure longevity and maximum traction with a drop-down axle and four-wheel-drive feature. Power distribution to all tires guarantees enhanced lifespan and performance even in challenging terrains.

Experience effortless operation with the largest 306 cm clutch in its category. Mahindra Novo promises reliability and minimal wear and tear, ensuring consistent performance.

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