Meet Last Decade's Norman E. Borlaug Field Research and Application Award Winners

Image Credit - The World Food Prize Foundation

Dr. Swati Nayak, India (2023)

Dr. Nayak is a Scientist and South Asia Lead for Seed System and Product Management at IRRI who is recognized for her innovative approach to engaging smallholder farmers in demand-driven rice seed systems.

Dr. Mahalingam Govindaraj, India (2022)

He is a senior Scientist for Crop Development with HarvestPlus at the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT, who is recognized for his outstanding leadership in mainstreaming biofortified crops, particularly pearl millet, in India and Africa.

Dr. Elliot Dossou-Yovo, Benin (2021)

He is an Agriculture and Climate Change Specialist at the Africa Rice Centre, who is recognized for spearheading innovative water management systems for resilient rice production in the face of climate change.

Dr. Salma Sultana, Bangladesh (2020)

She is the Founder and Chairman of the Model Livestock Advancement Foundation, which is recognized for her innovative model providing veterinary outreach, treatment, and education to thousands of small-scale farmers in Bangladesh.

Dr. Hale Ann Tufan, Turkey (2019)

She is the Principal Investigator of the Gender-responsive Researchers Equipped for Agricultural Transformation (GREAT) project and is recognized for championing the incorporation of gender-supportive activities within the global agricultural research community.

Dr. Matthew Rouse, United States of America (2018)

He is a plant pathologist at the Cereal Disease Laboratory of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Research Service (ARS) and is recognized for his essential leadership efforts to contain and reduce the impact of Ug99, a new race of the stem rust pathogen.

Dr. Zhenling Cui, China (2017)

He is a researcher and faculty member at the Centre for Resources, Environment, and Food Security at the China Agricultural University in Beijing, and is recognized for his scientific and extension work in improving soil health and increasing crop production.

Andrew Mude, Kenya (2016)

He is a senior economist at the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) in Nairobi, Kenya, who is recognized for his science-based, community-mediated, and innovative approach to providing financial protection, through insurance, to millions of poor herders and their families who care for and depend upon their livestock.

Eric Pohlman, Rwanda (2015)

He serves as Rwanda's Country Director and Senior Partner at the social enterprise One Acre Fund and is recognized for formulating a singular, uniform solution for basic-food farmers as a scalable activity than any traditional approach.

Dr. Bram Govaerts, Belgium

He serves as Associate Director of the Global Conservation Agricultural Program at CIMMYT and is recognized for his vision to help poor farmers increase food production from their existing farmland.

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