Prepare to Be Amazed by These Incredible Radish Varieties!

By Shruti Sanwariya

Pusa Desi

It is ideal for planting in the northern plains from August to October. It has white roots, is 30-35 cm long, has a green stem end, and matures in 50-55 days. 

Pusa Chetki

It is planted from mid-March to mid-August in north and central India, year-round in south and west regions. It endures heat and its roots mature in 40-45 days.

Pusa Reshmi

With roots measuring 30-45cm, white with green top, this is planted from mid-September to mid-November, tolerating high temperatures and harvests in about 55-60 days.

Japanese White

These have cylindrical roots that are 25-30 cm long and 5 cm thick. It has white skin, crisp flesh, and mild flavor. It is grown between October-December in plains, and July-September in hills.

Punjab Safed

This one has white, tapering roots and a smooth, mild taste. It is fork-free, 30-40 cm long, and 3-5 cm thick. These mature in 50-60 days and grow between September and October. 

Arka Nishant

Long, marble white roots, resistant to premature bolting, Arka Nishant has pink roots that are 12-15 cm long, semi-stumpy to stumpy and pink with a white tip.

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