Transform Your Holi 2024 Experience: Play With Tesu Flowers This Year!

By Yukta Mudgal

Tesu: A Traditional Savior

Renowned for both their religious importance and medicinal properties, tesu flowers guarantee a safe and enjoyable Holi experience.

Sustainable Harvesting Practices

Yogesh Bhai Pandya, CEO of Nisarg Organic Farm leads sustainable farming in Gujarat and says tesu can thrive with little water and no fertilizers.

Declining Demand Dilemma

Yogesh cites selling challenges as youth prefer ready-made market products over tesu flowers.   

Navigating Marketing Challenges

To profit from tesu selling business, one needs to market it well. 

Expert’s View

Physicians across India recommend tesu for playing Holi, instead of chemical colors. The flower protects ears, eyes, and skin from allergies.

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