By - Abhishek Yadav

Hydroponics Hack!

Grow Like a Pro

Pick Your Produce

Decide what you want to grow! Herbs, leafy greens, and some fruits thrive in hydroponic systems. 

Choose Your System

Select a system that suits your space and budget. Deep Water Culture is simple, while Ebb and Flow offers more control. 

Gather Your Supplies

Assemble the essentials - grow containers, lights (if needed for indoor setups), a pump (for some systems), and a growing medium

Mix Your Nutrient Solution

Understand and mix essential nutrients for optimal plant growth, following a pre-made solution or specific formula.

Set Up Your System

Follow the instructions for your chosen system to properly assemble and configure it. Ensure water flow and proper placement of lights.

Plant Your Seeds or Seedlings

Choose healthy seeds or seedlings suitable for hydroponics and place them in your system's designated spots, like net pots.

Maintain Your System

Regularly monitor nutrient levels, adjust water pH for optimal nutrient uptake, and ensure proper lighting for healthy plant growth. 

Enjoy the Harvest! Watch your plants thrive and reap the rewards of your hydroponic garden. Fresh produce, year-round, at your fingertips! 

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