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Dragon Fruit with Rose Fragrance

Dragon fruit (most commonly as the dried dragon fruit cactus fruit) is a great fruit to incorporate into a diabetic diet plan and lots of diabetic recipes can include it.

Chander Mohan
Dragon Fruit
Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit (most commonly as the dried dragon fruit cactus fruit) is a great fruit to incorporate into a diabetic diet plan and lots of diabetic recipes can include it. While dragon fruit is not a type 2 diabetes cure, it may offer diabetics a substantial health benefit towards lower blood glucose levels. Dragon fruit vitamin C and dietary fibre are both positive nutritional benefits of Dragon fruit among others.

The health benefits of dragon fruit cactus fruit are many and varied. These nutritional benefits include dragon fruit health benefits which help to lower blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetes.

Its health benefits and the great dragon fruit nutrition benefits make dragon fruit cactus fruit popular all over the world - Dragon fruit is now being discovered in the US and that market is growing as people realize the special health benefits of it and its great nutritional benefits like its high antioxidant amounts and vitamin C levels.

The amount of vitamin C in this fruit is substantial, and you can see up to 10 times the amount of vitamin C in Dragon fruit which has been dried vs. the fresh dragon fruit cactus fruit. Of course, the dried Dragon fruit nutrients are much denser than in the fresh fruit!

The Chinese Dragon Fruit named ``Jindu``  carries a natural rose-like fragrance. The fruit itself has a sugar content of 23-26. Third, Hainan is the only place in China where fruit grows in the off-season. This ensures that we can provide fruit throughout the year without interruption.  As far as the weight of individual dragon fruit is concerned, the 'Jindu number one' Red Heart dragon fruit weighs between 0.25 kg and 0.75 kg. In the winter the 0.75 kg fruit is in the majority, while in the summer most fruit weighs between 0.25 kg and 0.5 kg.

"European fruit traders have predominantly imported dragon fruit from Vietnam, Colombia, and such countries, to satisfy the demands of their own markets for many years, even though under these circumstances it was difficult, in that the supply was not continuous throughout the year. Our ability to deliver dragon fruit throughout the year was one of the main reasons why our dragon fruit received such a warm welcome during Fruit Logistica. At present, fruit traders from Spain, Russia, and even The Netherlands, have already signed a letter of intent to purchase dragon fruit from our company. Apart from these countries, several companies in Mexico also showed an interest in buying dragon fruit seedlings and plantation technology."

"Our main retail area in the domestic market is Shandong province. About 60 percent to 70 percent of our domestic retail goes to large supermarkets, and 30 percent to 40 percent is sold in wholesale markets. This year, while we pursue a stable development of the domestic market, we also make a great effort to export 'Jindu number one' Red Heart dragon fruit to overseas markets. We hope to introduce more consumers to this variety of dragon fruit from China."

The farmers of India that ASB farms are cultivating this fruit here itself in India, since last five years. And we would like to share the information about cultivating it with all those interested in doing it commercially. The Cultivation is:

1) Dragon fruit is a cactus it requires less amount of water.
2) In the first year itself, the plants bear fruits.
3) A framework of concrete poles is required to raise the plants.
4) In one acre around 1760 nos of plants can be grown.
5) The yield per acre is 5-6 tonnes.
6) The plant's flower generally from mid-May to June and bear fruit from August to December.
7) The market rate for dragon fruit is around 200-250 Rs per kg

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