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April 20, 2021

  • Hoarding and black marketing a crime this lockdown

    Central government has asked state governments to keep hoarding and black marketing in check this lockdown. These are punishable acts, and government is acting against these so as to make sure that the essential goods are easily available to the public and at correct rates.

  • Indian pharmaceutical industry playing a big role across the globe

    India 'pharmacy of the world', as described by PM Narendra Modi meeting the pharmaceuticals business leaders, has been researching not only Corona but also about other viruses. Their innovations have helped the country in its fight against the pandemic. PM asked these companies to increase the production of Corona fighting drugs. These companies thanked the government for all the support that they have given them.

  • Government’s procurement of rabi crops under MSP going smoothly

    Government is procuring rabi crops from farmers at MSP and the funds are being transferred directly into the farmers accounts. Last week over Rs 200 Crores were deposited into the accounts of farmers in Punjab alone.

  • Satellite monitoring will help in avoiding floods causalities

    Most of the floods that have happened recently have been caused by melting of the glaciers, although there are other reasons like cloud bursting. This melting can be detected with the help of satellites which will allow us to predict if there are going to be flood like situations so that the regions close to these risk prone areas can be evacuated.

  • Road blocking not legal says Supreme Court

    Supreme court has told the protesting farmers, if they want to protest its fine, but they should not cause problems to others. The freedom of movement of ordinary citizens is affected by the blocking of the roadways, which has been a nuisance to the commuters.

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April 20, 2021

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