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Animal Health Care with Nutrition in Feed the Ayurvet Way

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan
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The earth is ailing- almost beyond repair. Since soil is the basis for all human life. Our only hope for a healthy world rests on re-establishing the harmony in the soil we have disrupted by our modern method of agronomy. All of life will be either healthy or unhealthy, according to the fertility of the soil, Directly, or indirectly, all foods comes from soil. 

Today soils are tried, overworked, depleted, sick, poisoned by synthetic chemicals. Hence the quality of food has suffered, and so has health." It has been taken from the book titled Secrets of the Soil by Peter Tompkins explained by Dr Mohan Saxena, Managing Director of Ayurvet Ltd., while interacting with Shri M C Dominic, Editor-in-Chief, Krishi Jagran.

Dr Saxena emphasized and explained the theory of Five F which is the wisdom of ancient Indian Agriculture existed in integration of 5F, which is Food, Feed, Fodder, Fuel & Fertilizer.

krishi jagran

Managing these 5F, Food for Human, Feed & Fodder for Animals, Fuel for cooking & lighting energy needs, Fertilizer for enriching and recharging soil fertility are key challenges more so, when one look at shrinking cultivable land, global warming, Climate Change leading to erratic weather conditions and ever growing demand of water and declining productivity which is threatening our survival and sustainability.

Livestock plays a key role in the natural resources based livelihood, which is mostly confined to rural areas. In fact livestock rearing in our country is quite different for subsistence farmers, where risk management is more important than the developed market driven systems. Apart from unfriendly climate, we have problem of large human & animal population, pressure on land, scarcity of pasture land, shortage of feed & fodder, resulting in comparatively low productivity & consequently the low economic returns.

Livestock & Agriculture are two arms of our rural farmers. Ayurvet, an organization which has innovation encrypted in its genes, floating in the protoplasmic fluid of knowledge, sieved through the tools of science and technology has propounded the concept of “Integrating Livestock and Agriculture” using the available resources under 5 F Programme. 5F Program, which has embedded in it the technologies to fulfill the disjointed missing link of “Value Creation,” through optimum resource usage.

Ayurvet Limited, where Ayur signifies life and Vet means veterinary, has been the stalwart in utilizing the goodness of herbals for the animals healthcare. It blends and synergizes its herbal knowledge of over one century with modern scientific and most efficient and advance technologies, giving out most efficacious and safe solutions. Its herbal range caters to a  variety of species viz., Cattle, Poultry, Pig, Aqua, companion animals & Equine and are proven solutions for health care needs of above animals with customer satisfaction.

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