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Bull’s ferocious sexual appetite fathered him of 500,000 offsprings in more than 50 countries

Monika Mondal
Monika Mondal

In 1672, Ismail Ibn Sharif, took the throne as the king of Morocco, though this is not the highlight, he is well known for something else as well, it is said that he have fathered more than 1,000 children, making him one of the most sexually prolific men of all times.

That was 17th century, In 21st century there is an individual who is capable of giving him tough competition.2,700 pound weighted Toystory, is believed to have sired more than half a million offspring before his death in 2014.

Toystory produced a world record-breaking 2 million unit of semen at eleven years of age and was the first Holstein bull in history to achieve this mark. This surpassed the previous world record of 1.7 million units of semen set by a Dutch Bull named Sunny Boy. Sunnyboy was the king in 90s.

2.4 million units of semen was produced by Toystory in his lifetime. Toystory is the proud son of his dam (mother) Jenny-Lou Patron Toyanne and his sire (father) Mara-Thon BW Marshall. His father, Bellwood Marshall was a popular sire and his mother, Toyane, was a top milk producer. A beast of an animal with a neck measuring 57 inches, and a ferocious sexual appetite to match. He typically produced sperm nine times a week - about twice the average of other bulls. 

Mitch Breunig, who raised the bull at Mystic Valley Dairy in central Wisconsin, said Toystory stood out because he gained weight so fast. He sold the bull at six months old for about $4,000.

What made Toystory’s story be written in golden words :

Artificial insemination has made reproduction in dairy animals incredibly easier and better. The cows with the best productivity are products of artificial insemination. Toystory’s semen is considered to be the finest. Toystory’s daughter have performed better than others. Toystory’s daughters are capable of producing more milk than others. His sperm has travelled to more than 50 countries to impregnate the cows for production of better dam. Toystory’s success credit also goes to his mother and father’s excellent genes.

Among all bulls in the world, no matter the race, colour or creed, Toystory is still the semen king.

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