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Dairy Farming: Things to Keep in Mind before Starting a Dairy Farm in India

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia
dairy farming in India

India being one of the largest agrarian economies has a deep connection with dairy farming since the past which contributes 4% of its total GDP. Moreover, the dairy industry actively contributes to the economies of a number of communities, regions, and countries. History is the evidence that dairy farming has played the most significant and vital role which determines the prosperity and wealth of our nation. The center has introduced various schemes to develop dairy farming and India’s dairy sector whose demand is growing throughout the year. In addition, the dairy business provides a tool for socio-economic development and gives you a good amount of earning as well. But some important factors are there to keep in mind before starting your own farm as it plays a vital role for a successful dairy farming.

How to Start Dairy Business

Like any other business, it is important to study the market that one wishes to serve such as the geography, Incomes and the household types (Nuclear or Joint) in order to analyze what type of milk will sell the best.  Whether one wishes to launch a Cow Dairy Farm or a Buffalo Dairy Farm will depend on the fat consumption and requirement of the market. Buffalo Milk is high in fat while Cow Milk has lower fat content. 

Things to Keep in Mind before Starting Dairy Farming-

Know the Breeds  

Before starting the dairy farm, it is quite important to understand and know the breed of cow or buffalo you want to keep on your farm.

It is extremely important to know the tastes and the practices of the market or the city you plan to launch your dairy farm in before you choose the breed. There are numerous Indian buffalo breeds like Murrah, Surti, Jaffarabadi, and popular cow breeds like Gir, Sahiwal, Red Sindhi, Tharpakar which are Indian. There are plenty of western breeds like Holstein Fresian, Brown Swiss and Jersey which are known to give enough milk.

Nutritious fodder

It is also quite important to know the nutritious food for the cows or cattle. Providing your cattle with clean drinking water is of great importance. No animal requires clean drinking water as much as milk-producing animal requires. To produce 1 litre of fresh milk cattle requires 5 litres of clean and freshwater. 

Coming to food, always feed cattle with loads of green fodder. Usually, people consider buying fodder in the peak seasons of Rakshbandhan to Baisakhi as the weather in those months favours the growth of green grasses and hence, enough green fodder is available. Green fodder helps in producing more milk and saves the cost of feeding for the owner. Timothy, Clover, and Alfalfa are the best kinds of green fodder to be given to cattle.

Know the Breed Quality 

You need to keep it in your mind. While buying the cattle, try to milk the cattle 3 times before buying. For a buffalo, average milk production should be a minimum of 12 liters and for a cow, it should be a minimum of 16-17 liters.

Hygiene for disease-free and fit

The most important thing to keep in mind before you start the business of dairy. It is recommended to have a veterinary doctor close by to the farm to ensure ease of access and availability. Always keep the cattle vaccinated timely by a veterinary doctor. Leave them untied in a shed to keep them fit, as moving freely will reduce bloating in them. In case the dairy farm has over 100 cows/buffalos then it is highly recommended to appoint the Vet on the farm itself.

A Clean and Hygienic House

The basic requirement to keep your cows and cattle stay happy and gain more productivity. It should be well ventilated; floors should be non-slippery. The shed should be away from the roadside at least 900 sq.mt away and not to be positioned at lower lying areas as during heavy rains water will fill up those areas first. Generally, 40-80-sq. ft open space is required per animal. 

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