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Follow these 4 steps, If your Cattle suffers

Monika Mondal
Monika Mondal

FMD, Foot and Mouth Disease is a highly contagious viral disease which is trans-boundary in nature, thanks to the fast spread/transmission of the virus, this one particular disease has severe negative impact on country’s economy and food security.  The virus primarily affects cattle, buffalo and pigs, though sheep, goat and several species of wild life are also susceptible to the disease.

The affected animals undergoes 80% Drop in milk production also loses power and stamina. Annual direct loss on account of FMD in India alone is estimated to be Rs. 23,000 Cr.  Treatment for FMD is not possible. It is important to vaccinate all cattle and buffalo at 4 months of age and re-vaccination at every six month intervals.

Click here to see, If your animal suffers from any symptoms of FMD

But if your cattle is suffering or showing signs of FMD, you can opt of these 4 points :

1. Apply paste of boro-glycerine (850 ml glycerine and 120 gm boric acid powder ) on tongue and mouth lesions or application of paste of finger millet flour in honey on tongue or gums for 3-5 days is suggested.

2. In case of severe clinical disease, analgesics and antipyretic and mild antibiotics like dicrysticine, oxytetracycline etc for 3-5 days may be used with the advice of Veterinary Officer.

3. Apply fly replant like hemaz or neem oil on wound in areas other than mouth and buccal cavity. If there is development of maggot in the goot lesions, turpentine oil may be applied on affected wound to remove maggots.

4. Milk production can be resumed faster by feeding to sick animal cooked gruel/thin porridge in water for 7-10 days. Gruel is prepared by cooking equal amount of whole rice, wheat and finger millet flour in water and then supplemented with jiggery (10-15% w/w), protein and minerals mixture available commercially.

Vaccination of all animals is mandatory. Vaccinate all cattle and buffalo at 4 months of age and re-vaccination at every six month intervals.

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