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GADVASU Organizes Special Training Camp For Women Farmers

Vet Varsity organized a training programme for the women beneficiary farmers under the Farmers First Project.

Shivani Meena
GADVASU Organized training under farmers first project
GADVASU Organized training under farmers first project

Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University organized a training programme for the women beneficiary farmers under Farmer FIRST Project funded by the ICAR, New Delhi.

This training camp was conducted under the guidance of Dr. P.S. Brar, Director of Extension Education and Nodal officer of Farmer FIRST Project, and  Dr. Y.S. Jadoun, Principal Investigator of the project.

Training camp was organized in adopted Village, Dhaner of Mehal Kalan block, by the members of the project team; Dr. Pragya Bhadauria, Dr. Gopika Talwar, Dr. Rekha Cahwla, and Dr. Navkiran. 25 women beneficiary farmers from adopted villages participated actively in this training camp.

Women farmers were welcomed by the project team members. Dr. Gopika Talwar delivered a lecture on the value addition of milk and milk products. Farmers were made aware of the profits of selling milk products over fresh milk. Dr. Gopika is also aware of various simple techniques through which they can prepare value-added milk products and can sell fresh milk products through different marketing channels.

Dr. Rekha Chawla informed farmers about different homemade dairy products like; Kalakand, Ghiya Barfi, Gajrela, Whey Drinks, etc., and explained their methods to prepare these products. Dr. Pragya Bhadauria was motivated to form the livestock-based Self-Help Groups (SHGs) at the village level. Dr. Pragya further stressed the formation of SHGs based on; ‘Back yard poultry farming’ and ‘value-added milk products etc. This type of SHGs based approach can enhance their income level and provide them economic independence.

Women farmers were quite enthusiastic in the formation of livestock-based SHGs and they also showed their keen interest in a practical demonstration of value-added dairy products and visited the experimental dairy plants of the University.

A discussion session was held in which women farmers voluntarily gave good suggestions about various group-based activities for the women farmers. Team members concluded the exposure visit by giving a vote of thanks to the women farmers for making this training camp successful.

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