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Goat Farming: This Mobile App is a Must for Goat Farmers

Sugandh Bhatnagar
Sugandh Bhatnagar

Goat farming is a great source of income for the people in rural areas. It does not require much expenditure and farmers can start it along with other agricultural works.

Goat farming is such a business in which the possibility of loss is very less. Farmers can earn good income from goat's milk, meat and their fibers as there is always a demand for goat products in the market. Farmers can start goat rearing along with other agricultural activities.

The Central Goat Research Institute under the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi has created a mobile app where farmers get complete information related to goat farming including breeds, subsidies, loans and schemes.

Government and scientists are also working continuously in this direction. The Central Goat Research Institute (CIRG) has created the Goat Farming App. This mobile can prove to be very beneficial for those who are looking to start a goat farming business. It provides you information about the various topics like:

Goat Breeds

In this mobile app, a lot of information has been given about Indian goat breeds. It provides details on which goat breeds are good for meat and which are better fiber & milk.

Agricultural equipment and fodder production

Information about which agricultural equipment is needed in goat farming or how to produce fodder, information has also been given in the Goat Farming mobile app. Information has also been given about what equipments are needed for fodder production and farm preparation.

Health and Housing Management

You can find information related to, how to take care of the health of goats and how the accommodation will be arranged for their living, etc.

Goat Farming Mobile App

Through the app, goat farmers can get information about the symptoms of common diseases among goats and measures to prevent them.

How and where to get goat farming app?

For the Goat Farming app, first, you have to go to Google Play Store. Go there and type CIRG Goat Farming, the app will be found. It is available in Hindi, English, Tamil and Telugu and occupies only 80 MB of space in your phone. As soon as you open the app, the option of language selection comes.

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