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Is India Ready for Cow Dung and Urine made Products Business?

Prity Barman
Prity Barman
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India has been in a complete lockdown since the month of late March, 2020. The Corona virus outbreak has made the entire nation to stop. It has not only caused loss of life but also loss of jobs has been noted. Lakhs of people from corporate to migrant labours, many of us have lost their jobs, source of earning or daily wages. The entire pandemic and most of the year has been very negative apparently.

However, amidst all these chaos our nation also has seen a huge tension between the religious communities. Many people suggested many religious views regarding the virus and its cure was linked to several Hindu practices like the use of cow urine was suggested as a cure by many of the leading party members of our nation which rose lots of questions and also too many curiosity among the people.

Some people actually set up small scale business on roadside or on streets selling cow urine in bottles and vessels as a part of taking advantage of the whole scenario which were going on during the past few months regarding the virus and the cow urine cure for the same.

The actual question that comes into our mind is whether there is any use of cow urine and cow dung in to the medicine field?  Well the answer to this question is still unanswered as there has been not much of scientific approach to this topic. Yet many of our Indian research institutes have taken initiatives to even work on this particular topic along with other ayurvedic and agriculture universities and institutes. There hasn’t been any particular research paper published by any of the international associations yet to prove the medicinal value of the same.

Even if the medicinal value or pharmaceutical value of the cow dung and its urine hasn’t been proved, our nation has some great use of cow dung’s and its urine which is even commercialized and are literally being sold on many online portals like Amazon, flip kart etc.

Yes! You have heard it correctly, from shampoos to tea to handmade decors to incense sticks all made up of cow dung’s and urine are being made in India and are on demand into the market.

Some are normal handcraft art sellers while some have a million worth business on just products made up of cow dung have and cow urine. The most popular among these products are the skincare products like toothpaste, soaps and shampoos made out of cow dung’s.

Another astonishing product in the market is tea made out of cow urine and other herbs extract. Like these several products have been released in to the Indian market in the name of medicinal benefits quoting the ancient literature.

Now the actual truth whether these are worth our try depends upon the details and description provided by the sellers. However, the populations out here are quite convinced by the idea of such products existence based on the religious beliefs because in Hindu rituals the panchagavya or the five cow products are known to be very essential for the beginning of many auspicious religious proceedings. Hence, the success rate of these products also quite increased due to such faith and beliefs. Mind you the cow dung and cow urine products have been in the market since a decade but got all the exposure in the last few years.

Incense sticks, bathing soaps, shampoos, mosquito repellent and now tea and liquid drinks have been more popular because of its uniqueness and also because of the curiosity of some consumers. While some have linked such products with political party’s campaign there is some which have been authentic sellers and are in the market even before this whole discussion even began. Certainly, now with the popularity seeked by the cow dung and cow urine has made many party leaders to join the movement and were seen either investing in such companies or were involved in their own cow dung and cow urine products production process.

Demand of cow dung and cow urine products:

These cow dung and cow urine products have been in demand and have become a million dollar industry too in India. This proves that people have actually liked the products and also have experienced the benefits from these products as a result of which now not only India but even some foreign countries have been provided with these cow dung and cow urine products.

However, there is a huge controversy yet going on around the world and also the nation as many scientists claim that cow urine on a particular dosage might kill people. This too hasn’t been proven yet. So the whole concept of preparing products using cow dung and cow urine might create a huge confusion too among the consumers as whether to use it or not.

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