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Online Postings and Transfers to be Carried out in Animal Husbandry Department

Veterinary officers are working to establish a virtual mechanism for more transparency in transfers and online postings.

Shivani Meena
Veterinary officers will use a virtual approach to ensure transparency
Veterinary officers will use a virtual approach to ensure transparency

Government veterinary officers have requested that immediate efforts be taken to develop an online mechanism for carrying out postings and transfers in Kerala’s Animal Husbandry department. 

Online system to provide Transparency 

According to them, an online system would provide much-needed openness and clarity to the exercise, as well as increase the morale of the staff of the service-oriented government department. 

There are around 1,650 officers in the department, comprising 1,159 veterinary surgeons and other senior staff in the positions of assistant directors, deputy directors, joint directors, and additional directors. According to the Kerala Government Veterinary Officers Association (KGVOA), the lag in execution came amid a government mandate ordering all department heads to build an electronic database and perform transfers and postings online. 

The KGVOA has sent memorandums to Animal Husbandry director A. Kowsigan and secretary Tinku Biswal, escalating the demand. The officers' organization also informed Animal Husbandry Minister J. Chinchurani about the situation. The department has failed to develop a computerized database of employees, according to the KGVOA. 

The Raised subject of Online Transfers 

"On February 22, the subject of online transfers was raised in the State Assembly, and Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan responded in writing that it had been made mandatory in departments," stated Dr. Dilip Chandran, president of the KGVOA. 

"At the moment, there is a lack of transparency in terms of transfer and posting requirements." "A clear online mechanism would assist to prevent complaints and control any irregularities in the process," he added. 

The government order in question was issued on February 25, 2017, according to a reply of the Chief Minister. The Director, Health Service, has implemented online transfers, according to the Chief Minister. Eighteen other government departments and agencies were doing the same thing. This list, on the other hand, does not include the Animal Husbandry department. 

"We have informed the Minister of Animal Husbandry, the Secretary of the Department of Animal Husbandry, and the Director of the Department of Animal Husbandry of the matter. Dr. Chandran stated, "We aim to have the system in place this year." 

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