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Profitable Business Idea: Earn Rs 3,65,500 from This 45 Days Poultry Farm Business

Let’s know how the 45 days chicken poultry farm works, its requirements, and how you can earn Rs 3,65,500 from it.

Binita Kumari
The market's demand and supply are the big factors behind the 45-day chicken business plan
The market's demand and supply are the big factors behind the 45-day chicken business plan

As the market demand for chicken keeps rising, raising chickens fast enough is proving to be a difficult task. It isn’t effective to raise chickens in a poultry farm in 3 months period everywhere but the 45 days chicken rearing business plan keeps up with the requirement, demand, and supply in the chicken market.

What is the 45 days poultry farm business?

One of the chicken breeds with the quickest growth is the broiler. The market's demand and supply are the big factors behind the 45-day chicken business plan. The market has such a huge demand for chicken. The stability of hens on the market may be impacted by poultry farms that have been breeding for more than three months. It might drive up inflation. Another benefit of starting a 45-day chicken farm is that it increases the owner's profit margin more quickly. An ideal place to raise and manage a large number of hens at once is a 45-day chicken farm.

What are the requirements for a broiler chicken farm on a 1000 square meter land?

Here’s what is required for a broiler chicken farm on a 1000 square:

Housing and Shed

Making a 20x35 square meter coop for chickens in a 1000 square meter space is simple. The remaining space can be used for walking, galleries, and drainage.

The home should have a sloping roof and be convenient for transferring heat. Inside the housing, you must have a suitable temperature control exhaust.

Multilayer Cage System:

With cage configurations, a broiler chicken poultry farm operates more efficiently. It conserves room and offers platforms to move about three to four times as many chickens on the same piece of ground.

Each chicken can have a metal cage, which will give them the right amount of room and comfort to develop. Additionally, it is simple to determine which birds are sick. You can make several cage columns in each row, but for your comfort, only build three.

Where to buy broiler chickens?

For your farm’s first purchase, you can buy little broiler chicken that is 2 to 5 days older. If you purchase them larger than that, they will cost you twice as much as young chicks. They are available to buy directly from the local broiler farm. After that, you can get ready to use the eggs to breed your own chickens.

5,000 broiler chickens can be raised in a 20 x 35 m space. Three columns are present on each platform. 300 chickens can fit in each column (100 in each). By leaving room for galleries, you can fit 5,000 hens in a 20 by 35 square meter area.

What licenses are required to start a 45 days broiler poultry farm?

To start a chicken farm, certain licenses and approvals are required. When someone begins a chicken farm, pollution, bird diseases, public health, and an authoritative position are all at risk.

The following are some factors and requirements for starting a chicken farm:

  • Acquire a no-objection certificate from local authorities or the government

  • Trade License

  • Pollution clearance from your local authority

  • No objection certificate from your local veterinary department

What to feed your broiler chicken?

For each stage of broiler chicken growth, there are three different types of feed. The first feed is given while they are first growing, the second during the intermediate stage of growth, and the main feed when the second has reached the mature stage.

The ideal blend of grains, oilseeds, and minerals is the best feed for broiler chicken. These feeds can be purchased in market packets or made manually at home.

Waterdrop system for your broiler chicken:

The automatic water delivery system for the chickens uses little water and is simple to use. In all the cages, you can install an automatic pipeline waterdrop system. You can regulate how quickly the waterfalls. It is important to monitor each chicken to ensure that it is growing healthily.

How to market broiler chicken and earn a good income?

There are two proper methods for marketing broiler chicken farms. The first is farm marketing offline, and the second is farm marketing online. You can advertise your poultry farm offline by using posters, banners, and designs. You can routinely ask a well-known farm in the area for help.

How to transport your poultry chicken?

The second strategy is online promotion using a variety of platforms. Your farm can be efficiently and affordably promoted online. You can use led boards for marketing, run advertisements, and register on online selling platforms. You don't need to publicize your farm anymore if it becomes well-known. You can then continue to expand exponentially.

Investment cost of starting a broiler poultry farm on 1000 square meter of land in 45 days:

You simply need to invest once in the first phase. You will be charged for a regular term of 45 to 50 days. We advise either using parental land for broiler chicken farms or using non-agricultural land.

One-time investment:

Land cost- 20,00,000 INR

Poultry farm making cost- 5,00,000 INR

Inside cage system- 1,50,000 INR

Drinking water system- 60,000 INR

Small chicken buying cost- 10,000 INR

Total cost- Rs 27,20,000

Regular investment:

Broiler chicken feed cost- 2,25,000 INR(per 45 days)

Water cost- 2,000 INR

Electricity cost- 2,000 INR

Vaccination cost- 20,000 INR

Transportation cost- 10,000 INR

Marketing cost- 3,000 INR

Labor cost- 10,000 INR

Total investment- Rs 2,72,000

How much profit will you earn in 1000 square meter broiler poultry farm in 45 days?

Total number of chickens raised- 5,000

1 kg broiler chicken wholesale price- 170 INR

The average weight of each chicken- 750 grams

The total price of chicken raised- 6,37,500 INR

The profit margin on 5000 chickens- Rs 3,65,500

Is the broiler chicken farming business profitable?

The majority of the profit will decrease in your first year of operating a broiler chicken farm so that you can recoup your initial investment. The investment won't be recouped for several years. However, if you manage to recoup it, you will make a sizable profit in a 45-day cycle. Despite receiving the same profit margin as in the previous cycle, it decreases as a result of the investment.

It would be beneficial for you in the long run if you can get a subsidy for the house and shed design for the poultry farm. If you use a multi-layered cage system inside the housing with the appropriate gallery, a 45-day broiler chicken poultry farm is lucrative even in a small space.

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