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Role of the Animal Husbandry Lauded by the IVA and the demand of Separate ICVR

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

A Separate Indian Council of Veterinary Research (ICVR) was asked far by the President Dr Chirantan Kadian, President, Indian Veterinary Association in a press conference while appreciating the Government in promoting the Animal Husbandry and Fisheries as a separate Department.

Dr Kadian while addressing the press shown his gratitude towards the Prime Minister vision and given the stock of the Animals viz. bovines, buffaloes, sheep and goats with the poultry, which shall be playing the greater role in the Indian Economy.

The Indian Veterinary Association, a national body of Veterinarian of India and Pashu Chikitask Mahasangh, an apex body of State Veterinary Services Association express their gratitude to Hon`ble Shri Nartendra Damodardas Modi ji, Prime Minister of India for creation of a new Department of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries.

It is one step which nobody could even imagine other than our great Prime Minister. The vision of Hon`ble Prime Minister of doubling farmers` income. It is now integrating Animal Husbandry activities with Agriculture.

It is further submitted that solely relying on the growth of Agriculture for doubling the Farmers` income by 2022 is not going to yield any positive outcome. On the other hand, Animal Husbandry and related activities have shown a tremendous growth and holds the key to doubling the income of the farmers. Data around the world point out the same.

Since Government is focusing on the Animal Husbandry Sector, the role of veterinarian automatically becomes of paramount importance. A healthy animal will result in greater production which will automatically enhance the farmers income and the country will proceed on the path of economic prosperity. India is world`s highest livestock owner at about 512.05 million out of which 199.1 million are bovines, 105.3 million buffaloes, 71.6 million sheep and 140.5 million goats.

In case of goats, India is at the second position in the world and it is approximately 25 percent of the livestock. India is second largest poultry market in the world and includes the production of 63 billion eggs and 649 million poultry meat. India`s marine and fish industry are growing at around 7 percent compound annual growth rate. Overall, India livestock sector is growing fast and emerging as a major contributor in the global market.

The Indian Veterinary Association and the Pashu Chikitsak Mahasangh are highly obliged to the Government for introduction of combined vaccination for FMD and HS, so that the whole country must be covered by the combined vaccine of FMD.

A Separate Indian Council of Veterinary Research (ICVR)may be established to promote Research in Veterinary Animal Husbandry Sciences.

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