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Seminar on ‘Moving Towards Green Bricks’ Organized by Brooke India, NACG and SAIEVAC

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

One-day national level seminar was organized in New Delhi on “Moving towards Green Bricks” by Brooke India, NACG and SAIEVAC. The main aim of this seminar was to discuss and prepare a two-year road map with the actionable long-term goal of a “Humane/Green Brick” standard in BK manufacturing in India. The concept of the “Humane/Green Brick” involves manufacturing the brick conforming to the environmental needs, welfare of equines and humane working conditions of the labour force.

This seminar witnessed 40 participants from several leading organizations championing the cause of labour, animal welfare and environment, like SEEDS, Mountain Children’s Foundation, ICIMOD, World Vision India, CEC, to name a few. 

It must be noted that Brooke India is continuous working  in 3,245 brick kiln sites offering emergency vet treatment and vaccinations as well as advice on disease prevention. To bring about lasting change, we also engage local service providers such as farriers, saddlers and cart makers which are often difficult for poor communities to access.

In light of the recent Government regulations on the BK industry, the Indian BK manufacturers have been trying to evolve and invest in better technologies. Yet, there is still ample scope for further improvements. Hence, BI along with all the like-minded stakeholders wants to work with BK industry manufacturers/experts to achieve the “Humane/Green Brick” standard in brick manufacturing.

The Occupational Safety, Health, and Working Conditions Code 2019 was introduced in the Lok Sabha in July 2019. It provides a comprehensive legislative framework to create just and humane working conditions in several industries. All establishments that employ more than 10 workers fall under its purview. The code will amalgamate 13 laws that pertain to workers employed in factories, building and construction sites and several other industries.  

While considerable opposition has been voiced against the code, some having merit, its attempt to create a single authority for filing documents related to health and safety measures is laudable. Also laudable is its attempt to simplify labour laws.  

Opinions against the code state that the size of the organization that falls under it ambit should be larger; from those having a minimum of 10 employees to a minimum of 20 employees. However, its applicability to organizations having 10 or more employees is a sanguine decision as often smaller enterprises are ones where safety is often disregarded. Its applicability to organizations that employ 10 or more employees will certainly increase safety and makes many more workplaces safer.

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