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Sheep Farming Business in India- Tips and Tricks to Follow

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia
Sheep Farming

Sheep farming or sheep husbandry is referred to as the raising and breeding of domestic sheep. The Agri-business and earning source through sheep farming is continuously growing in India. Sheep are raised principally for their milk, and fiber (wool) and meat (lamb and mutton) which comes under the branch of animal husbandry. 

As per reports, the largest numbers of sheep are in Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand where around five million households are engaged in the rearing of small sheep farming. Let’s know about profitable business ideas to earn a good amount of money through sheep farming.

Sheep Farming in India

Sheep farming in India is one of the traditional occupations of some people of India and basically you can observe it in the state of Jammu& Kashmir. People of some regions are raising sheep as a domestic animal for fulfilling family nutrition demand and business purposes from ancient time. Sheep is a small-sized calm animal and grows rapidly. And the raising system is very easy and simple.

About five million households in India are engaged in the rearing of small ruminants (sheep, goats, and rabbits) and other allied activities.

Sheep are generally located in arid zones having low rainfall and which are poor in agriculture. The average wool yield of sheep is less than one kg per head per year. As for mutton, the average weight of Indian sheep varies from 25-30 kg.

Most of the sheep in India are raised in regions that are too dry, too stony or too mountainous for other agricultural purposes or for cattle raising.

Flock of Sheep

Profitable Sheep Farming Business Idea

Sheep farming is a profitable business than goat farming as sheep can attain good weight within a short period of time.  You can raise sheep on a small scale or large scale for commercial purposes. Sheep farming plays an important role in the livelihood of a large percentage of small and marginal farmers and landless laborers. A number of rural-based industries use wool and sheepskins as raw material. Sheep manure is an important source of soil fertility too. Additionally, the production of wool, meat, and manure provides three different sources of income per year.

How to Start Sheep Farming Business?

Step 1: Make a Proper Business Plan

Regardless of the size of your sheep farm, you must craft an ideal business plan suitable for your business. And your sheep farming business plan must consist the financial analysis, marketing strategy, and income revenue calculations

Step 2: You Need to Identify a Proper Location

You need to figure out the best suitable place to start the business or an ideal place for sheep’s. If you already have a location of your own then it’s good. Otherwise, you will need to identify and select a location for setting up the farm. Basically, the area required depends on the size of the farm and the population of the livestock you want to keep on your farm.

Step 3: You Should Opt Quality Breeds

One of the prime things to be remembered to go for quality breeds which can offer you more productivity. As per sources, you are advised to procure the quality breeds either trusted breeders or responsible farmers. Generally, you can find numerous sheep breeds throughout the world. However, all those breeds are not suitable for farming in all areas. So, you will need to procure the breeds according to the agro-climatic condition of your location.

Step 4- Know the Top Sheep Breeds

  1. Bannur

  2. Bellary

  3. Dorset

  4. Suffolk,

  5. Cheviot

  6. Deccani

  7. Cordially

  8. Montadale

  9. Hassan

Step 5- Build a House for the Sheep

Building the right housing is one of the most important aspects of establishing the sheep farm. Basically, you must provide housing that can protect the sheep from adverse climatic situations.

Step 6: Must Provide Proper Feeding

The last but the most important point to remember. You must provide proper feeding for the best result. Additionally, you will need to provide the food according to gender and age. Good-quality hay or stored forage is a highly productive feed for your sheep farm.

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