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World’s Most Expensive Cow was Sold at Rs. 2.66 crores

Abin Joseph
Abin Joseph
Posch spice the world's most expensive cow
Posch spice the world's most expensive cow

A cow bred in central England has sold for 2.66 crore rupees making it the world's most expensive cow ever sold. 

Cattle all over The world are largely considered as commodities that are bought and sold at high rates and the cow is no different . Although the world's most expensive Murrah Buffalo is from India, the world's most expensive cow is a Limousin heifer from Shropshire, whose full name is Wilodge Poshspice, who comes from a line of record holders.  

This cow is of the limousin Heifer breed is a French breed of beef cow native to France's Limousin and Marche regions. It was mostly employed as a draught animal in the past but is now primarily raised for meat. In 1886, France developed a herd-book. Numbers fell as agriculture became more mechanised in the twentieth century.

There was still more than 250 000 head in the 1960s, but the breed's future was uncertain; it was recommended that it be united with the other blonde draught breeds of south-western France – the Blonde des Pyrénées, the Blonde de Quercy, and the Garonnaise – to produce the new Blonde d'Aquitaine.  228 Instead, a breeders' association was founded, and intensive management was given significant prominence. 

The pedigree cow's mother, Milbrook Gingerspice -- also named after a Spice Girl -- was the previous UK and European record holder following a 2014 sale. According to the BBC, the breeder Christine Williams said the sale was like "winning the lottery", and described the size of the winning bid as "mind-blowing".  

Cows are largely sold for their genetics, the amount of milk they give and their breed, India has its own indigenous breeds of these cows available all over its state however certain cattle breeds can only be found in different parts of this world and the same goes for the French Limousin, although because of globalization these cattle genetics can be acquired easily it's however not very cheap.  

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