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How to Start a Ginger Garlic Paste Business in India?

Shigraf Zahbi
Shigraf Zahbi
Ginger and garlic paste business is highly profitable

Ginger and garlic are two extremely important ingredients in Indian kitchens. Almost no dish can be imagined without it. However, modern life has left people with little time and people no more prefer going through all the grinding and grating involved with ginger and garlic. This is why ginger garlic paste has gained popularity over the years, especially in urban areas. 

Have you ever wondered how this product is manufactured? It is not that complicated. You can even start your own ginger garlic paste-making business and with the right packaging and good marketing, you can earn a huge profit.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Starting a Ginger Garlic Paste Business

Starting a ginger garlic paste business is not very difficult as all it needs is ginger and garlic as the main ingredients. However, there are some other things you would need to do. These would include getting your company registered, getting a GST registration, MSME/SSI registration, trade and FSSAI license.

Apart from these formalities, starting a ginger garlic paste is very easy and you can establish a manufacturing unit right at your home. Women entrepreneurs in rural areas can also take up this business and attain self-dependency.

Equipment Required

If you are starting your business on a smaller scale, the manufacturing process can also be semi-autonomic. However, if you plan to establish a bigger business, you can make it fully automated. For this you would need the following:

  • Pressure Water Pump

  • Water Jet Washer

  • Peeling Machine

  • Crushers

  • Pulping Machine

  • Tanks

  • Packaging Machine

  • Pouch Sealing Machine

  • Weighing Machine

Manufacturing Process

Ginger garlic paste manufacturing process is very simple. These are the steps involved:

Cleaning: Hygiene is very core to this business. You should therefore make sure that raw ingredients are cleaned properly.

Peeling: The second step would be to peel ginger and garlic. This makes a smooth paste which tastes good.

Crushing: Ginger and garlic are crushed before being grinded.

Pulping: The final step is to pulp the ingredients. Other materials like water and preservatives can also be added after pulping.


Marketing is key to making your business flourish. You can sell your product to restaurants and even consider exporting it.

Once the initial hurdles are removed, you can easily start making profit, starting from a margin of 20 percent according to some reports.

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