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Top 8 Profitable Franchise Businesses in India

In modern times, India is one of the most important commercial and economic hubs among South Asian countries, and many multinational companies are flocking to the country with numerous franchise opportunities.

Shikha Parewa
Franchise Businesses In India
Franchise Businesses In India

Are you thinking to start a profitable business with low operating costs? Taking a franchise is one of the best ideas in this case. In modern times, India is one of the most important commercial and economic hubs among South Asian countries, and many multinational companies are flocking to the country with numerous franchise opportunities. 

Considering the present marketing trends in the country, it is one of the good ideas. Opening a franchise is also beneficial because the parent company offers you the service of marketing your business. In this article we have listed top 8 franchise business ideas in India, which would help you to choose business according to your interest and availability. 

Profitable Franchise Business Ideas

Below we have mentioned few lucrative franchise business ideas for you;

Domino’s Franchise

It is one of the most well-known pizza chains in the country, with over 500 stores in various Indian states, and has grown to become the leading and largest brand for pizza delivery services. 

You'd be surprised to know that it has over 1 million customers in more than 70 countries, including India. Apart from pizza, it also serves pasta, garlic bread, chicken wings, and a variety of other delectable foods. 

It is available in over 120 cities in India, and it is owned by Jubilant Food Works Limited, thus if you want to take the franchise, you must be a partner with them. To obtain a franchise, you must have a minimum space of 1500 Sq Ft and a minimum investment of 30 lakhs. 

The main advantage of this franchise is that it is a well-known brand, and people enjoy its taste; hence, there are excellent chances of making a high profit. 

First Cry Franchise

It is one of the most well-known children's and kids brands, specializing in children's clothing and accessories. This business has a lot of potential because the investment is low and the profits are high. They offer high-quality children's clothing at a lesser cost, as well as the option of purchasing online. 

People trust their products because many people prefer Firstcry over other brands, therefore being a franchisee can be very helpful for you because people do not enjoy sacrificing when it comes to their children. 

Lenskart Franchise

They provide a wide range of options and variety, making them the first choice of consumers looking for optical or lenses. They founded this company to provide individuals with affordable vision. Another significant feature of Lenskart is that they have a unique program for women who want to open a franchise. 

You would require a minimum capital of Rs.30 lakhs and a minimum area space of 300 Sq Ft to take its franchise. It would be ideal if you opened it near clinics, malls, or any optical store. 

Amul Scoop Franchise

You can also establish an Amul ice-cream Franchise business because it is a very profitable one, and people adore Amul as a brand due to the flavor and quality it provides. To open an ice cream shop, you'll need a least of 300 square feet in a prime location with air conditioning and a nice interior. 

The initial investment is relatively minimal; you will only need Rs.2-5 lakhs to get started. The nicest part about this business is that no or very little promotion is required because Amul is well-known. 

You also don't have to worry about inventory because it is delivered straight to your store, eliminating the need for you to travel or pay delivery fees. You may generate good earnings and be your own boss with a modest investment. 

Baskin Robbins Franchise

It is 1945-founded American ice cream and frozen food chain. It has become a well-known brand in the food and beverage business, with over 7000 stores in over 50 countries. 

The benefit of working with Baskin Robbins is that they offer great worldwide branding, partnership, and collaboration with other companies. They are well-known for their 31 flavors motto, which means that customers can consume a new flavor of ice cream every day of the month. 

So, if you want to take its franchise, you'll need to pay at least Rs.10 lakh and have a floor space of 200-500 sq ft. Thus, if you want to build an ice cream parlor and make a lot of people happy, you should definitely get a Baskin Robbins franchise. 

Bikanervala Franchise

It is a well-known brand in India for sweets, Indian food, snacks, cookies, and much more. They provide high-quality food with exceptional flavor, which is why they have 85 franchises in India and 26 outside of the country. This brand is well-known for its taste, quality, and hygiene. 

It might be a terrific platform for you to earn a significant quantity of money because they already have a high brand value in the market. The main advantage of purchasing its franchise is that you can be certain of the quality because there is no adulteration in its products. 

You would require a floor area of at least 1200-2000 sq ft to take its franchise; it should be in a commercial area, whether owned or rented. Its franchise costs roughly 30-40 lakhs and includes field assistance to ensure that the franchisee runs smoothly. 

Khadims Franchise 

It is an Indian footwear franchise that was founded in 1981 by S.N. Footwear Industries. It has over 480 stores in 23 states around the country. This is one footwear brand in India that people buy from without hesitation. 

Their main line of business is selling footwear to wholesalers and distributing branded utility footwear. To obtain a franchise, you must invest between 20 and 30 lakhs, plus a refundable security deposit of 2 lakhs. 

You'd also need a warehouse with 500-700 square feet of ground-floor space. This is a well-known footwear company, and if you want to get into the industry, you can get a franchise because they offer high-quality products at reasonable costs. To keep in mind about Khadim's, they offer a 50:50 split on every sale you make. 

Green Trends 

They are the pioneers in offering a comprehensive range of grooming options to the price-conscious clientele. They are the industry leaders in the salon industry, offering beautiful haircuts, bridal makeup, skincare treatments, color services, and much more at reasonable pricing. 

It was founded in 2002 and is owned by Vogue Private Limited. It has around 70 stores in India. They also provide a spa, hair styling, personal styling, complete make-overs, and other treatments. If you want to create a high-end salon, this could be a perfect option for you. 

Green trends require an investment of 30-40 lakhs and a minimum floor area of 1000 sq ft. Furthermore, a proper interior design and other sorts of furnishings required for running a salon are essential. 

These are some of the franchise business ideas. You can select any one of them according to the availability of investment capital, location, and most importantly your interest. It would be better to go through all details before starting a business of any franchise. 

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