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Framing of the Labour Code Rules - The Wait Continues

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Vipin Saini
Labour Law

The sequence of producing to final logistics being worked out for the supply of intermediates and the final products requires the involvement of labourers. Hence, the framing of the Rules of the labour codes requires urgent attention. 

Earlier this year in the month of September, the three Labour Code Bills were passed, namely The Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions Code 2020; The Industrial Relations Code 2020; and The Code on Social Security 2020. These Codes were successful in merging 24 previous labour laws existing in the country. The Government of India till date have been successful in merging 29 Central Laws into 4 Codes. Earlier in 2019, the Parliament of India had passed the 1st of these four Codes, i.e. The Wage Code. 

However, the GOI still has to frame the Rules to all the four Labour Codes now in existence. Draft copies of the Rules pertaining to these labour Codes have been floated by the Ministry of Labour and Employment, GOI. 

Draft Rules have been placed up for public comments pertaing to two of the four Labour Codes. These are: 

Draft of The Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions Code(Central) Rules, 2020 


Draft of the Code on Social Security(Central) Rules, 2020 


Unfortunately, recently 9 major Central Trade Unions had opted to skip the virtual meeting called in by the Ministry of Labour & Employment to discuss the same. They believe that rather than a virtual meeting a physical consultation need to be called upon.

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