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InnoAg Pro Enhances Pesticide Efficacy against Downy Mildew and Leaf Miners in Cucurbits

Vipin Saini
Vipin Saini
InnoAg Pro

Downy Mildew is a disease caused by the oomycete Pseudoperonospora cubensis. P. cubensis thrives in wet or very humid conditions and infects cucurbits including cucumber, melon, pumpkin, and squash.

It causes yellow to brown lesions on top of the leaves that are restricted by leaf veins. As the lesions age, they usually become necrotic and the leaves often senesce. The leaves are the only portion of the plant directly affected by downy mildew. However, the loss in leaf surface can cause loss of yield, misshapen fruit, and sunscald.

Leaf Miners are the larval or maggot stage of several kinds of insects have developed this habit, including moths (Lepidoptera), beetles (Coleoptera), sawflies (Hymenoptera) and flies (Diptera). The adults insert eggs into leaves. Upon hatching, the larvae feed and develop within the leaf tissue and between leaf surfaces. They produce large patches or winding tunnels of dead tissue.

The larvae are active for about two to three weeks. Unchecked damage can cause excessive leaf-drop and other severe effects. The feeding tunnels created on the foliage can become pathways for diseases or fungal spores.

Inno Ag-Pro was compared for the effectiveness of Difenoconazole and Cyromazine to control Downy Mildew and Leaf Miners, respectively, when applied alone and in conjunction with InnoAg Pro.

InnoAg Pro is a bio-nano adjuvant that delivers plant protection products more efficiently to plant cells. It has been proven to increase the effectiveness of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and defoliants.

When tank-mixed with a crop protection product, InnoAg Pro creates a shield around the active ingredient which increases spread and adhesion to the weed surface, and penetration onto the plant tissue making active ingredients more effective. The increased pesticide effectiveness triggered by InnoAg Pro frequently allows for a 25 to 30% rate reduction on pesticide application.

The addition of InnoAg Pro is cost-effective as well as supports sustainability. Time for exploring nano technological based agri-inputs for enhancing pesticidal efficacy and targeted control.

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