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Public Notice Issued - Certificates of Registrations of Fipronil 5% SC (Change/correction in the measuring units)

A long-pending issue on maintaining consistency in measuring units of pesticide formulations registered with the CIB&RC has begun. Recently, the Secretariat of CIB&RC has issued a circular stating the same for liquid formulations of Fipronil.

Vipin Saini
Certificates of Registrations
Certificates of Registrations

In May 2020 during the Registration Committee meeting i.e. its 416th RC meeting, a decision was taken to amend the measuring units of Fipronil 5% SC.

The Registrations issued previously for this formulation were being mentioned in grams and kilograms. This is being amended now in millilitres and litres as the formulation is a liquid one.

A Public Notice in this regard has been issued on December 23rd and can be viewed at http://www.ppqs.gov.in/sites/default/files/public_notice_23122020.pdf

All registrants of Fipronil 5% SC are hereby informed to have the necessary corrections endorsed in their respective certificate of registrations for regulatory compliance.

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