FICCI Sustainable Agriculture Awards 2022

FICCI Sustainable Agriculture Awards 2022
FICCI Sustainable Agriculture Awards 2022

Agriculture worldwide is undergoing accelerated transformation, driven by continued growth in population, shifting consumption patterns, increased global trade, rapid development in science and technology, and the impact of environmental change.

The demand for multi-functional usage of agriculture for feed, fuel, and packaging is also rising alongside the need to feed a growing population. At the same time, the expansion of agricultural land and the intensification of production methods have reached their ecological, economic, and social limitations.

Considering these challenges, the sustainability of the agri-food system and farming as a multi-functional enterprise has become even more important. Sustainable production, with its holistic principles, holds the key to finding an answer to these challenges.

FICCI is happy to announce the launch of the 2nd edition of “Sustainable Agriculture Awards” 2022. The objective of these awards is to recognize and showcase programs that promote sustainable agriculture development and those that focus on improving farmers’ income. The contest aims to help in the exchange of knowledge, best practices, and innovative solutions for the development of sustainable agriculture practices and enhancing farmers’ income. YES BANK is the knowledge partner for this initiative.

Recognition will be awarded to Corporates, Not for Profit Organizations, and Foundations that focus on developing and implementing farmer income enhancement & climate resilience-focused sustainable agricultural development programs.

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Event Name: FICCI Sustainable Agriculture Awards 2022
Date: 30 November 2022


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