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Food and Agri Executive Management Program

Cornell Sathguru Food and Agri Executive Management Program (AMP), since the year 2000, has shaped more than 600 leaders in the food and agri business sector to lead their organizations in over 20 countries. The program is constantly spruced to facilitate a deeper understanding of the concepts and much desired on-site experiences of agri and food sector executives from emerging economies. AMP 2019, to be held from July 21st – Aug 1st 2019, NY, USA in the picturesque campus of Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, will provide add-on inputs to the appropriate environment, including deeper interaction with world renowned faculty on need-based specialization and guided visits to farms and enterprises that have excelled in the agri and food sector.

Participant gains

  • Deeper exposure to complex issues in agri and food business and strategic approaches adopted by leaders in sub-segments.

  • Inter-dependence of sub-segments and the influence of sub-segments in your business growth.

  • Innovation and technology challenges that drive competitiveness and the manner to embrace innovation for competitive advantage.

  • Understanding evolving customer needs and preparing ahead to respond.

  • Competing in markets with strategies and novel solutions for global leadership.

  • Novel integration efforts in emerging markets that are usually constrained by supply chain inequities.

  • Regulatory exposure that is increasingly influencing product success.

Event Name : Food and Agri Executive Management Program

Date : 21 July to 1st August 2019

Venue : Cornell University, Ithaca ,NY, USA.

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Banjara Hills, Hyderabad-500034, India

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