Global Forum For Innovation In Agriculture 2019

Welcome to the future of the Agriculture in the Mena Region

75% of visitore to Global Forum for innovation in Agriculture (GIFA) in the Abhu Dhabi attend to find the new sustainable agriculture innovoation. Food prouching in the region are under pressure to save natural resources, improve productivity, increases the efficiency of their supply chains and be ready to meet the challenge of climate change.

If you can do that, you can sell the products at GIFA

Now in it’s 6th edition and with the continued support of the Abu Dhabi government, industry and science across the world, GFIA is one of the best attended agriculture events in the Middle East and the only one dedicated to sustainable agriculture across all types of food production.


Become an exhibitor if you have a product or service to sell and want to spend two days meeting hundreds of potential buyers and distributors from around the world.

Event Name : Global  Forum For Innovation In Agriculture 2019

Date : 01 - 02 April 2019

Venue : Abhu Dhabi National Exhibion Center, Abhu Dhabi, UAE


David Stradling
T: +971 2 234 8486

Mohanad Terkawi
T: +971 2 234 8410

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