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Webinar on New Age Risks

Webinar on New Age Risks
Webinar on New Age Risks

FICCI is organizing a Webinar on ‘New Age Risks’ on January 21, 2022, on a virtual meeting platform. The main objective of the webinar is to discuss and debate the risks that emerged due to the impact of COVID 19 pandemic on businesses and the overall working environment, and also some of the new business and working models that came out from this disruption.

Why to Attend?

The programme will witness the launch of the “India Risk Survey 2021 Report”. The Report captures risk as perceived by corporates. The objective of the report is to inform and sensitize all stakeholders about the emerging risks for developing economies like India so that well-planned and strategic policy decisions can be made. Our past reports have been comprehensively perceived to give the risk preview of India. Many organizations have acquired contributions from these reports to base their business decisions. This year as well, we are hoping to provide a holistic view of the risks that may influence businesses.

This will be the 9th and a special edition of the FICCI-Pinkerton India Risk Survey report, as it analyses the impact of COVID 19 outbreak on businesses. In addition to risk ranking, IRS 2021 Report has a special focus on new risks which emerged during the transition of business processes and working conditions of employees in the new normal.

Organizations working in different sectors of the economy faced varied challenges and taken up different and innovative adaptation strategies, and it will be really interesting to know about them. Please join us for the programme and the India Risk Survey Report release.

Highlights of Webinar:

  • Launch of India Risk Survey 2021 Report

  • Discussion on New Risks Emerged from COVID Scenario – Long term impact on business continuity

  • Discussion on COVID-led Disruption - Opportunities for new business models

For Other Details, Please Contact:

Event Name: Webinar on New Age Risks
Date: 21 January 2022


Address: Federation House, Tansen Marg, New Delhi

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