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Celebrate, Life has given you Lemons...!!

Other than just a taste renovator in food, lemon has many other uses and benefits too. Some of them are mentioned in this article.

Sangeeta Soni
lemon water

When thinking about citrus fruits, having sweet and sour taste, lemon is the first word that comes in mind. Almost every cuisine is incomplete without a touch of lemon. It is key ingredient in some dishes and embellishes some dishes with its flavor.

We all have used lemons in our kitchens as a taste improver. But the small yellow glamorous fruit has many other uses and advantages too. Let’s proceed to know more about the advantages and uses of other than a taste renovator.

Health Benefits of lemon

Lemons can make you younger

Tired of wasting money on expensive makeup products, going for spa treatments, and what not! It’s the right time to add lemon in your daily diet. Just half lemon a day can give you the glow which you were trying to find in salons. So, what you need to do for it? Just take half lemon in warm water every morning and in a few days, your skin will start glowing naturally.

Lemons can solve your Digestion issues

Stomach bloating is the most irritating problem and when morning doesn’t start in a good way, how the whole day can be good. BUT, Lemons are the solution to this also. But how? While making your skin young and glowing, lemons will also work on your digestive system. Yes...!! Drinking half lemon juice in warm water in the morning aids digestion also.

Lose weight with lemons

Lemon water is a low-calorie beverage (half lemon juice with a glass of water contains only 6 calories). Think, how wondrous it would be if you replace any other beverage containing higher calories with lemon water. And drinking lemon water can make you feel full thus decreasing your hunger. And lemon peels contain phenol whose consumption also aids weight loss.

Ready for the day-long work

Along with all these, Lemon water in the morning will also give you the energy to be ready for a day-long work.

Fight cold and flu with lemon

Vitamin C is known for fighting with cold and it also boosts immunity. Lemon contains vitamin C and antioxidants which helps in fighting with flu. Lemons also help in preventing Asthma and asthma patients consuming higher amounts of vitamin C experience lesser asthma attacks.

You will not get kidney stones

Not having enough citrate in the urine increases the chances of kidney stone development. Drinking 2 litres of lemonade can significantly raise the levels of citrate in the urine. Some evidence has shown that patients developed kidney stones at a slower rate after this lemonade therapy.

Other health benefits of Lemon

Lemons show positive results in diseases such as Meniere’s disease, High blood pressure, stroke, Cancer, Asthma, Scurvy.

Remember one thing, over-consumption of anything can be dangerous. Lemons are packed with many health benefits but over-consumption can be harmful to your teeth. Acid in lemon tends to destroy the enamel on your teeth and making them sensitive. Make sure you consume a lemon drink with a straw or clean your mouth thoroughly just after drinking lemon water.

So, this was all about the health benefits of lemon, but there are many more reasons to celebrate as life has given us lemons which will be covered in the next article coming soon.

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