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How simply Food can help to Avoid Pain

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

The “desk and chair”, “computer and mouse click” are pretty much cool but also a source of restless life and unwanted pains. In the sedentary lifestyle, the pain is the most common word, which we come across when meeting someone. What starts with Back aches and shoulder aches, soon turns into serious and unmanageable problems. The “sitting in front of computers” lifestyle is taking a tough toll over our regular and healthy lives. Physiotherapy chains are attracting huge population, though that is good for them, its not good for the body. In this much fast paced life, people generally “don’t find” time for exercise, or healthy food, and falls for the trap of unhealthy and sick lifestyle, and here we suggest few tips which might help you get away with the pain. Daily Exercise though is a mandate and cannot be substituted by any other thing, but still there are some food habits which help to get away from the pain distress.

- There are some mandatory intakes like : Pulses, beans, non fat milk, curd, broccoli, cauliflower, fish, dry fruits, almonds and leafy vegetables which should be consumed each day.

- Some anti-oxidants like berries as cherries, blueberries and strawberries etc help to reduce the acidity level of the body to minimal

- Consumption of Omega 3 supplements like fish oil, chia seeds, pumpkin seed to soothe inflammation through the body

- Sunlight is very important for a regular and healthy lifestyle. Expose yourself for at least 30 minutes to the sunlight. Sunlight deprivation also leads to depression. In a survey it has been found, that people from north pole are found to have more depression than people from any other region since they don’t see sun more often.

- Orthopaedic patients who suffer with bone problems should take more of protein and calcium rich diet which helps in muscle building and bone health gets better.

- Some anti inflammatory foods like turmeric, garlic and ginger are found to be effective in the pain management .

- Water is the wonder liquid. Plenty of water should be taken in any case. Water generally washes out all the unwanted toxics from body and makes it healthy.

- Gluten free food is important to be included. Gluten increases the inflammation in body.

- Bananas, raisin, apples, protein shakes are some sources of instant energy.

- Lastly, avoid smoking and drinking since it has negative effect on musculoskeletal system.

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