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How to Maintain a Normal Blood Pressure?

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher

Having problems in maintaining Normal Blood Pressure? Are you a victim of sudden high or low blood pressure? Then your problem ends here.  Through this article we will give you some beneficial tips to maintain normal blood pressure. These Easy Tips will help in maintaining a balance in your blood pressure levels. 

Tips for Maintaining Normal Blood Pressure 

1. Exercise

Exercise regularly as it alters the structure of arteries, decreases arterial stiffness, and regulates the autonomic nervous system. Around 30 minutes per day is recommended but as little as 15 minutes a day of low intensity activity like walking provides benefits. Aerobic exercises reduce blood pressure by an average 5-7 mmHg whereas Strength training reduces it an average 2-3 mmHg. 


  • 14% decreased risk of stroke

  • 9% decreased risk of coronary heart disease

  • 7% decreased risk of death

2. Maintain Healthy Weight

Avoid gaining weight as metabolic changes occurs in your body that influences blood pressure levels. A healthy weight is defined as a body mass index (BMI) under 25. Overweight is 25 to 29.9. Obese is above 30. Losing even 10 pounds of weight can make your blood pressure go down. 

3. Eat Healthy Food

Follow a DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) Diet. It can reduce blood pressure by an average 10 mmHg systolic and 5 mmHg diastolic. The DASH diet consists of whole foods low in saturated fat and overall fat, low in sodium and low in sugar.  It includes high fiber foods with a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables and whole grains, fish, poultry, nuts, seeds and low-fat dairy products. Avoid red meat, fats and excess sugar. 

4. Reduce Salt Intake 

A must advice to maintain normal BP is to eat correct amount of salt. As high salt means high BP. The imbalance of more salt and low potassium is very harmful. 

High sodium content decreases the efficiency of the kidney to remove water and it increases blood pressure.  Limit salt intake to 2,400 mg per day which is equivalent of about one teaspoon. 

5. Yoga 

Slow deep breathing, meditation and relaxation practices in yoga promotes good health and a healthy blood pressure. 

6. Avoid Junk

foods as they are high in cholesterol, sugar, and sodium which are the major contributing factors in increased blood pressure. 

7. Avoid Smoking and Drinking

Alcohol raises blood pressure and adds empty calories. A safe amount of alcohol is only one drink a day for women and two for men.  Smoking is not safe in any amount. Nicotine causes blood vessels to constrict which raises blood pressure. Hence avoiding it lower the risk of cancer and heart disease. 

8. Avoid Stress 

In stress our heart beats faster and blood vessels become narrow which brings a change in blood pressure levels.  Stressful body produces certain hormones which further increase the blood pressure. 

9. Proper Liquid Intake

Drinking 6 to 8 cups of liquid each day is beneficial.  Good liquids to drink are water, juices and milk. Limit the amount of caffeine such as coffee, tea and soda in your diet. 

10. Be Positive 

Always stay positive. As positive thoughts provides strength and energy to your body that you cannot get from any food. Stay away from negative thoughts and negative people. 

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