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‘Free power from solar energy no more a dream’

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

"I will give free power from Solar Power Projects after 25 years of PPA to all International Solar Alliance (ISA) member countries, said Masayoshi Son, Chief Executive Officer, SoftBank Group during 2nd Global RE-INVEST India-ISA Partnership Renewable Energy Investors Meet & Expo few days back.  

He further said that “We investing in tech and innovation so that we can harness solar energy efficiency to provide free power to children, mothers, and communities across the world. It`s not a dream, we now have the resources to make this happen.” Repeating Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s slogan of “one world, one sun, one grid”, Son said renewable energy can be easily shared internationally if electricity, like internet, can be interconnected through wired networks.

On the other hand, RotoSol, company whose motto is Water from the Sun arranged a demonstration of their Pumps in the fields of Shri Khema Ram Choudhary of village Ghuda Kumawatan with the help of the National institute of Solar Energy, who invited 16 African delegates at Renewable Energy Capacity Building Programme for Indian African Forum Summit, Batch-III to see the live demonstration of the solar pumps working in the fields of the Khema Ram, who got subsidized polyhouse and the solar panels from the Rajasthan Government.

The programme was successfully conducted by Dr D R Das, Advisor, MNRE and Ms Swati Agariya, Research Scientist of National institute of Solar Energy with the help of Rajesh Choudhary, Area Sales Manager of the Rotosol in the dynamic leadership of Shri Raghav Agarwal. Mrs Hind Elamin Ali,Sudan; and others from the Renewable Energy Capacity Building Programme for Indian African Forum Summit also showed satisfaction on the Indian Government using the solar power to enrich the farmers.

Shri Chander Mohan, Sr V P Special Initiatives, briefed about the Agriculture World and the Krishi Jagran working for the benefit of the farming community not only in India but also at International Platforms. A copy of the latest issue of the Agriculture World was also handed over to them.

A video was also prepared and is available at Krishi Jagran YouTube channel. Dr Das and Ms Swati applauded Krishi Jagran for its great contribution in the field.  

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