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Mahyco to deliver GM seeds to Kenya

Monika Mondal
Monika Mondal

Being in a spur due to the indecisive nature of the government and the NGOs’ resistance for the introduction of such technology in the country, the seed firm finally decided to move out of India to find market for itself.

Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Co. Ltd (Mahyco), fixed a deal with Kenya government to export GM cotton seeds. Considering  that the Indian market is still not ready to accept the GM seeds at its field, the company took the decision.

According to sources, Mahyco has initiated various field trials currently being conducted in Mwea, Bura, Katumani, Kampiya mawe and Perkerra.

The Kenyan government had banned the GM crops imports in November 2012. Mahyco is the company which would be entering Kenya lifting up the ban. In the next two years, Mahyco  will supply the seeds to Kenyan farmers with expected  wide commercialization.

Mahyco is a well known and established firm in the seed production which also, produces seeds for cotton, wheat, rice and sorghum etc. Having faced enough resistance about the GM technology in the country, Mahyco decided to extend its research overseas where it could bring the technology in use.

The firm has a joint venture with Bt seeds pioneer Monsanto called Mahyco Monsanto Biotech. Mahyco sub-licenses BT cotton technology in India through its collaboration with the US-based firm, acquired by Bayer last month.

BT cotton is the only GM crop that is cultivated commercially in the county which received a go ahead in 2002. Ever since then there has been divided opinions on the use of GM technology in the country.

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