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Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love for what you do. One such person evolved from the land of Uttar Pradesh. From starting his schooling from a small mud school to pursuing masters from Pant Nagar, from starting his training work at IFFCO till becoming the Marketing Director at the very same firm, Mr. Yogendra Kumar has always kept the welfare of farmers at utmost importance. Krishi Jagran congratulates this man of iron will and steel patience who strives to work for the welfare of farmers day in and day out, on his new position.

= What would you like to comment on the ongoing crisis of Fertilizer in the country?

** At the farm and farmers’ level there is no crisis of fertilizers. Sufficient fertilizer is available all over the country. IFFCO’s prime motto towards the industry is to cater to the need of farmers. The farmers should get the right quality of material at right time and at right price. Fertilizer’s availability is ensured by storing fertilizer in advance, which makes the presence of fertilizer at the ground level well-before the season.


Though the fertilizer industry is facing some crisis, but every challenge delivers a better output. IFFCO take challenges affirmatively and outperform making new records. IFFCO strives to serve its customer better with each day. In any crisis, IFFCO supports the farmers. The motto of right quality at right price is not limited to the fertilizers but also includes other water soluble fertilizers, bio-fertilizers, growth promoters, secondary fertilizers and provides the same up to the remotest part of country for increasing per unit productivity of the farmers.

= How can we check the use, marketing and menace of spurious fertilizers?

** Farmers should be vigilant and buy products from cooperative society and trustable sources. Farmers should always take receipt for their purchase and the bag and packaging should be checked properly. If they find anything irregular or un-conventional, it should not be bought and others including the officials should be informed about the same. In case of such mis-happenings, farmers tend to ignore such activities, which should not be done.

IFFCO fertilizers are available at all reputed sale points and cooperative centers. The other benefit of taking receipt is that, IFFCO manure comes with an attached insurance of Rs. 4000 on 1 bag and accidental insurance of Rs 1 lakh on the purchase of 25 bags. This insurance cover starts after 1 month of purchase and extends till 1 year.

Farmers are the most important factor and person in this cycle and farmers should be alert. There are rules and regulations against such activities, and proper action can be taken in case of any illegal or spurious fertilizer enters the market. It is the common responsibility of everyone to fight against this cause.

= Neem coated Urea has attracted a lot of encouragement in the country, but do we have sufficient Neem available in the country?

** Neem coated urea is the most effective and efficient form of urea. Also, Prime Minister made it mandatory for all the imports and production of urea in the country to be neem based. IFFCO has its special focus for Neem coated urea. The MD and CEO of IFFCO, Dr. U S Awasthi with his efforts, have planted 40 lakh neem in the duration of 2 years.


Otherwise, the seeds and nimboli of the neem are wasted, which can be sold at a handsome price of Rs.15/kg.  Farmers can submit nimboli at any nearest IFFCO center. A neem plant generally takes 10 years to bear fruits. A research project is on-going in Dehradun, where a variety of neem is being developed which could grow in least time and bear fruits before 10 years of current duration.3 year of that research has already passed and good results are expectations by 2018.

1 neem tree has the potential of giving Rs. 600 annually and  20 trees can fetch Rs. 12000. Many farmers are coming forward to opt for neem which could be a good secondary source of income for farmers.

= What would you suggest the farmers for a profitable agricultural business?

** I stress on these five points, for a good and profitable agriculture business, following which the farmers can be independent and find new confidence in their agricultural business:

  1. Soil is the most important factor to consider when a farmer thinks to favour any particular crop/plant on his/her land. Hence it is imperative that the condition of the soil is judged nicely before dedicating it to crop. For that, Farmers should vouch for proper soil testing. SOIL TESTING gives us actual nutrient ingredient of the soil. The soil can then be fed with the nutrients which it falls short of. The nutrients can be added with the proper concentration of fertilizers. Proper analysis of the report should be done and hence the fertilizer should be used.
  2. Combination of chemical, organic and biological manure i.e. compost should be used. One form of specific manure might not be able to serve the purpose of the nutrition to the soil and this way also saves the quality of the soil. 
  3. Farmers should go for integrated farming, Cash crop along with pulses should be grown. This would ensure high productivity and good income.
  4. Domestication of dairy animals gives a year round supplement to agriculture. While crops and vegetables have their differences with season, animal husbandry can be taken as a secondary source of income. Dairy also provides sufficient amount of manure for the farm in the form of cow dung.
  5. Farmers should plant these 5 trees, which gives benefits from each part of its leaves, stem, branches and hence also acts as a subsidiary for increasing farmer’s income :
    a) NEEM Tree
    b) BAEL / Wood Apple Tree
    c) GUAVA Tree
    d) MANGO Tree
    e) AMLA Tree

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