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Apart from fulfilling the growing demands of lubricants, IPOL Lubricants will also strengthen agricultural economy.

Mr Hari Prakash, CEO, GP Petroleums Limited
Mr Hari Prakash, CEO, GP Petroleums Limited

Petrochemical industry is seen as a major industry in the country and lubricants oil and gas business is an important part of it. The demand of this industry is increasing with the growing period of mechanization. According to Tech Science Research data, the market of this industry is estimated to be 9.6 billion by 2022. Lubricants are used in various types of machinery equipments, parts of vehicles etc. In this sequence, CEO Mr. Hari Prakash Moothedath of one of the country's top lubricants company, GP Petroleum Limited, spoke to Krishi Jagran and talked about the company's products and other various issues.

Q. Please tell something about GP Petroleums Ltd & the group GP Global?

Ans. GP Petroleums Limited is a listed company & primarily into manufacturing of Lubes & Greases in India & is a part of a multi-billion global oil conglomerate GP Global Group, head quartered in UAE.

GP Petroleums Ltd., India, is an ISO QMS 9001:2015, EMS 14001:2015 &OHSAS 18001 certified company, specializes in formulating, manufacturing and marketing, industrial & automotive lubricants, process oils, transformer oils, greases and other specialties under the brand name of IPOL in India and internationally for more than four decades.

The IPOL brand of GP Petroleums has established itself as one of the well accepted industrial and automotive lubricants in India with a wide network of Distributors and Dealers in the country. The company has well equipped manufacturing facilities, with automated filling & packaging stations.  GP has invested in high precision quality-control and product development labs to meet the growing needs of premium lubricants.

GP Petroleums plants in India has an annual production capacity of 80,000 KL. It also has an in-house Base Oil Storage facility of 15,000 KL which is one of the largest in the Indian industry, it ensures consistency of quality and supply security.

The company has planned for upgrading and refurbishing the plant and lab to meet its ambitious growth plans and to meet global standards and OEM expectations.

IPOL has one of the widest ranges of products carefully designed to suit various applications and deliver high performances. These are available in a variety of pack sizes as per market needs. The products have several latest national and international performance specifications and approvals to their credit such as API, JASO, ACEA etc. other than OEM credentials.

GP Petroleums Limited looks forward to exciting activity in the Indian Automotive lube space together with IPOL Lubricants and support the Make in India initiative by manufacturing IPOL Lubricants in our plants in India. 

GP Petroleums Limited is part of GP Global group which is into refining, manufacturing of lubricants and greases, trading of oils, Bitumen & Coal, having storage terminals in UAE & also into shipping and logistics.

GP Global enables economic development by offering bespoke solutions to satisfy the commodity needs of businesses and communities worldwide. It understands that global progress and economic development requires innovative and bespoke commodity solutions. That’s why it has made its business to deliver comprehensive and integrated solutions to clients who are forging the building blocks of economies around the world.

Q Tell something about product range and segment which is being used?

Ans. IPOL covers all the segments in automotive starting from two wheeler, passenger car motor oil and the commercial vehicle segment. IPOL caters to all the customers available in bazaar through range of automotive engine oils, gear oils and greases as well as with diesel exhaust fluid called Clear Blue.

IPOL is a prominent player in a two-wheeler segment. It is also very well-accepted product in agri-markets with our range of products for tractors mainly gear oils and greases.

IPOL is also one of the established supplier to industrial segment since 1973. It offers industrial specialty oils, metal working fluids to the industries like sugar manufacturing, auto components, metal cutting industry etc.

Q. What is company’s vision and mission?

Ans. The Company GP Petroleums, which has its flagship brand IPOL has very clear vision charted out very recently after the group, took over in 2014 end. GP Global earlier it was called as Gulf Petrochem has taken over the company and renamed it as GP Petroleums Ltd. The primary vision of this company is to be remembered as first choice of lubricant. IPOL should be the top of mind recall when a customer think to buy a lubricant.

This can be achieved by three innovative methods as stated in the mission statements of GPPL.

1. GPPL will strive to become the most sought after partner in India and chosen markets globally, for lubricants and value added services.

2. We will cater to the growing needs of Automotive, Industrial, Marine and Process oil markets through Technology and Compliance.

3. We will ensure continuous improvement, aimed at delivering higher efficiency and optimum solutions for our customers, as we move Towards New Horizons.

GP Petroleums Limited has always been pro on development. Its products are enhancing R&D capabilities. So today while shifting from Bharat IV to Bharat VI, IPOL is very well geared up to that stage to provide products of this level in 2020. GPPL always endeavour to keep up with technology to provide products as required in the market. Therefore, these are some of the areas, which need to be developed to reduce the cost of production, which are innovative and useful whether it is for a vehicle or industry.

Q.How do you find your products beneficial for farmers?

Ans. Brand IPOL has made its position in Agri Sector in last couple of years because of its superior technology. Our enhanced modern R&D capabilities have helped developing new product and bring it to the market. IPOL has been in the country for last 40 years and it has been identified as value for money brand.Thanks to the initiative opted last year by taking Mr Suresh Raina Cricket Player Indian Cricket Team as our brand ambassador to promote it to rural and others sectors. It is a very successful initiative as it has started giving results through our brand recognition for reliability and sustained performance.

In response to your questions, IPOL has participated in a big way in Krishi Darshan exhibition Hisar. Everywhere one can see high visibility of IPOL for example multiple numbers of IPOL branded garden umbrella at the entrance, Suresh Raina larger than life size cut-out welcoming you at the stall. The benefit what IPOL offers to the agri-industry and more specifically through the launch of new product Multi-2.0 which has a unique packing and can be used as an emergency top up for oil, both in diesel and petrol engines. Therefore, it is suggested that every farmer or consumer should have this product, which is very useful for agriculture and rural areas. Krishi Darshan Expo in Hisar is opted as our first exhibition to launch the product. To promote other products there are various schemes that IPOL regularly offers for its products.

IPOL offers 20W-40 range of products for the customers having old tractors and 15W-40 for the customers having modern tractors. Apart from this, IPOL also offers UTTO which is a generic market name for gear oil used for tractors. IPOL is among the few players where people ask for “UTTO” product for its quality and long duration.

Q. Which region or state contributes maximum?

Ans. IPOL is growing tremendously in North and in South. In North, it is mainly from agro based industries and in South from automotives &spare parts manufacturers. Major growth is coming from North from agri-sector and South from company sector.

Q. Please tell about your export section?

Ans. IPOL has been exporting to various countries in last few years. We have been exporting mostly rubber process oil and less of lubricants as there is a huge growth potential in India.

We export in Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Middle East & South East African countries.

Q.What is the USP of IPOL? How is it different from competition?

Ans. IPOL has a complete range of products equivalent to large multinational starting from industrial and automotive covering their complete range. Therefore, it is a complete entity and is biggest supplier of rubber process, and oil next to PSU. We either import the oil or get it and reprocess it from PSU and sell it in market. So, it’s a one stop shop which offers end to end solution. We are targeting not only premium segment but for the mass market also. We offer appropriate technology products which is available in reasonable price.

IPOL has a wide network across all states in India, both in urban and rural areas.

Sr. Correspondent, Krishi Jagran
M: 9999 142 633

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