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Ayurved can bring prosperity among farmers

Dr. Pratap Chauhan

Dr. Pratap Chauhan is the founder of Jiva Ayurveda. Dr. Chauhan felicitated by United Nation for his Teledoc project on rural medicine in 2003. He born  & brought up in a famer’s family of small village Palla near Faridabad, Haryana. Dr. Chauhan is famous Ayurvedic doctor who has great contribution to make ayurveda popular in India as well as abroad.  Dr. Chauhan shares his experiences  &  suggestion about Ayurveda with our Executive Editor S.S.Dogra.

What is your academic background in Ayurveda?

I did my degree in Ayurveda from Tibia College, Delhi. Besides this academic, I spent five years in practical training under Ayurvedacharya Guru Nanak Chand ji. 

How your journey started as ayurvedic practitioner?

With the opening of an ayurvedic clinic in 1992 in Faridabad.  

What is basic idea behind your mission JIVA?

My elder brother’s exposure from USA, & his following thought :


Motivated all of us and our family  jointly  started to do something different for the society in a unique style. We have been working on Education, ayurveda, values,  worship place together since  1982.

 How do you see yourself during this journey?

These entire efforts laid a sound foundation  for our basic idea. I also personally visited   more than 50 countries & established ayurvedic department in many universities in several small countries during this journey. 

How do USA & UK take ayurveda?

Americans & Britishers are also very much interested to know about Ayurveda.  They are also very well aware about this Indian traditional mode of healing. 

How do you get the international recognition?

I started the world’s first online Ayurvedic clinic,, in 1995 itself.  My efforts came into limelight globally in 2003 when I received the prestigious United Nations’s World Summit Award for  Teledoc project on rural medicine. Presently, running  Ayurvedic health shows daily on five main TV Television channels and these program are viewed more than 200 million people in India and abroad.

What is your teledoc project all about?

We are running a Telemedicine Centre where team of 150 Ayurvedic doctors working. With the help of this around five thousand patients are cured daily.  You need to dial  0129-4040404 and get free consultation.

What are your suggestion to improve  Indian medical system?

Practical knowledge, Pharmacy & latest updates & awareness about the medical invention to be introduced in our Indian Medical University.

Modern science to be promoted along with the traditional ayurvedic education system.  These above points should be implemented in the curriculum immediately.

21st June is declared the World Yoga Day, what is your opinion about this?

This is good sign, more than 177 countries strongly recommended  this traditional Indian method to keep human body fit & energetic.  Its honor for every Indian.

What is your view about New Govt. & their contribution toward promoting Ayurveda?

Our Central Government is approaching different ambassadors  to set up separate Ayurved department in their universities. The participation of thousands of foreign delegates in the 6th World Ayurved Congress & formation of a separate ministry AYUSH are yet another milestones in this direction.

What is the role of Ayurveda in our life?

Ayurveda is playing very important role in our day to day life. It can solve the emotional, stress related & even mental problems.

How Ayurveda can bring prosperity among farmers?

This is very good idea, Agriculture ministry should take serious steps toward this direction.  They have to find out where the herbs and medicinal plants can be grown because this can bring prosperity among farmers life too. The farmers should be encouraged to grow such plants besides their regular crops. 

What is your future plan?

We have been working on Education, ayurveda, traditional Indian values,  worship place together since  1982. In this direction, we have already established a school now we are seriously planning for a University.

What is your mission in life?

My Dream is to see Ayurveda in every home.

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