Consult Agri-Scientists for Inputs: Sovan Chakravorty advice to farmers

Sovan Chakravorty, Executive Director, DCM Shriram Fertilizers Ltd
Sovan Chakravorty, Executive Director, DCM Shriram Fertilizers Ltd

India being the second most populous country in the world, catering to the needs of 122 crore families can be challenging at times. We largely depend on farmers for food so crop productivity should be in the descending order if every household is to have sufficient food and income. High crop productivity means higher income for farmers. Krishi Jagran team is in conversation with Sovan Chakravorty, Executive Director, DCM Shriram Fertilizers Ltd:

1. Elaborate on the details of DCM Shriram
DCM Shriram mainly produces fertilizer, seeds and pesticides. Our products are available in every corner of the country in East, West, South and North. Besides providing the benefit of urea, UAP, MOP and SOP to the Shriram farmers, we also provide advanced fertilizers, Shankar seeds and also pesticides.

2. What are the challenges faced by farm sector?
Some of the challenges mainly faced by the Indian agriculture sector are non-availability of good quality seeds and fertilizers, inadequate crop price, market tax and shortage of cold storage facilities. And one of the most common challenges faced by the farm sector is updating the farmers about the latest developments or reaching the information to the farmers. Around 70% of the land areas are used for cultivation by big farmers and 30% by small and marginal farmers. Out of this 30%, the percentage of marginal farmers is higher. Since the marginal famers have limited resources and knowledge, their productivity is very low.  That is the reason why the small and marginal farmers earn much less income.

3. So what steps need to be taken to overcome such problems?
These are the biggest challenges faced by the agricultural sector today; however the government has come up with various policies and schemes to combat the problems. But, the question arises as to how do all the government implemented plans and policies reach farmers? To battle these problems, we have to use advanced farming methods and techniques to increase the production and thereby increase farmers' income. Also use of quality seeds and fertilizers is necessary to increase production.

4. What is DCM Shriram's contribution to help the farmers in the country?
To help the farmers of the country, Shriram Pesticides and Chemicals have taken many steps. We have more than 80 centres around the country. These centres provide information about cultivable land, using quality seeds and fertilizers, using modern farming techniques, etc. to the farmers. Other than this, we are also working on an app for farmers. Through ITC, we are reaching lakh of farmers and has already helped to increase their income.

5.What is your take on Agro-chemical and organic fertilizers?
According to me, crop production cannot be increased by only using organic fertilizers. The government has taken various steps to increase the crop productivity and in the last 20 years we have seen a significant change in the agriculture sector.

6. Experience of DCM Shriram with the farmers
We have always worked towards ensuring profit to more and more farmers. Our main aim is to educate the farmers and spread awareness about latest developments in the farm sector.

7.  How are Shriram Fertilizers and Chemicals contributing to farm solutions?
We have opened up a different unit called Shriram Farm solutions solely for this purpose.  We are playing a vital role in educating the farmers and providing information about using modern techniques of farming and using new advanced technologies not only in our centres but also from regional centres.

8. What is your opinion about liquid fertilizers?
Liquid fertilizers are soluble in nature and have reached many places in the world. If we look into it closely, using liquid fertilizers will be profitable for farmers. Research work is going on for the use of liquid fertilizers and other effective fertilizers.

9. What is your message to the farmers?
My most important message to farmers is to use modern techniques of farming that will help in increasing their profit and therein income. Farmers should be in contact with agri-experts in order to be updated in the sector. They should always use right quality products.

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