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Grow More in Safe Hand of Protection

Sanjay Agarwal, MD- Indogulf Cropscience Ltd.
Sanjay Agarwal, MD- Indogulf Cropscience Ltd.

Sir, please accept our heartiest greetings, and also we would like to congratulate you on becoming company dealing into more than 150 products from the one product kitty-zinc competencies in agro-chemicals, micro nutrients and bio product.

Would you like to share your Business mantra of success in two decades?

Our business mantra is strong emphasis on quality at reasonable price to the farmer and our strong endeavor to provide complete range of the latest products for crop protection as well as crop production. We employ the best plant and machinery, have all quality systems in place and have a capable product development and registration team for bringing out new products

Your Punch line "Grow more in safe hand of protection" deals with pesticides and fertilizer. Would you like to elaborate on the key focus area of your company?

The two key words are Growth and Protection – Protection of crops through our products and Growth in their standard of living. Agriculture even today is depended on the vagaries of nature. Further, Insect pests, Diseases and Weeds are a big factor affecting crop productivity.

With top quality crop protection and productivity enhancing products, we bring to the farmers the protection to their crop for ensuring his maximum productivity and prosperity. Our key focus area is providing the full range of protection and productivity solutions that is best in quality and at a reasonable price. Hence we contribute significantly to nation building by insuring the prosperity of the people.

I Would like to add that this punch line is for everyone who is associated with us – consumers, channel partners, vendors, associates, consultants and our teams and their families.

Will it be possible to share your methodologies to reach to the people in the farming sector?

We employ all kinds of interactions with our farmers, through farmer meetings and seminars. One to one visit to the Avant Garde and opinion leaders, Media advertisement and outdoor advertising and now we use the technologies such as telecom and internet.

We have recently joined hands with Agri-clinic and Agribusiness Centre Moradabad to run the Farmer School on wheels – a unique way of reaching out to the farmers through a well-equippedbus for training the farmers. We also provide soil sample testing facility to the farmers with instant recommendation according to the crop.

How you identify the target audience?

They are all around us, aren’t they? Every farmer is our target audience. But yes today it is important to stay focused … and that is what is achieved through our focus on crop pattern in various states….We segment the audience according to the crops they grow and the level of inputs they use. Then we target our specific products as per recommendation.

While interacting with the farmers, for new technology products, we target the opinion leaders and early adopters who are more likely to use our products.

Whether your products are region & season specific or for all types of crops the sane product and brand name do the needful?

Yes our products are region specific according to the crop and the climatic conditions. There are brands of national Importance such as Ankur Gold and Root-O-Max Gold, and then there are region specific brands such as Indoshaktiban for Soybean crop, Sandesh for Rice belts and so on.

Which are the product are near to your heart?

We have introduced a Gold Series of products, a range of Plant Productivity and speciality products for the farmers. We think these technologies will go a long way in ensuring balanced plant nutrition, Soil Health and Effective use of Agrochemicals through improvement in plant absorption of these products, thus reducing the wastage and the environmental impact. We are really passionate about such products

How you are reaching to the Farmers community?

Already answered this in an earlier question

How will you differentiate your product for other companies? Any uniqueness?

We have a complete basket of products for crop protection and productivity.

How you rank yourself among your competition?

We are creating our own space without worrying too much about the competition.

Any plans of joint ventures with India or collaborative with foreign companies for news products?

We are working on a few prepositions, but it’s still in the works

Your future plans?

We are in the midst of a transformation, from Jaishree Rasayan to Indogulf crop sciences Limited, it envisages a whole set of activities and sweeping changes in our management systems. Hence we will be visible to all of you in a new avatar in very near future.

We are sure that this change will create a lot of excitement both internally and to our customers and we are sure to come out in a more effective manner for serving the farmers.

By Ruby Jain and Imran Khan

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