In Conversation with Chairman & Managing Director of Leads Connect Services

Navneet Ravikar, Chairman & Managing Director, Leads Connect Services
Navneet Ravikar, Chairman & Managing Director, Leads Connect Services

Technology plays a crucial role in the development of the agriculture sector. LeadsConnect is an analytics company providing Agri-technology driven Data Analysis and Modelling, and Risk Management & Financial Services. This organization has been engaged in research and development activities pertaining to climate & hazard analytics, landscape analytics, biodiversity analytics, urban analytics, and geospatial analytics.

In an exclusive interview with Krishi Jagran, Navneet Ravikar, Chairman & Managing Director, Leads Connect Services, has shared how his company is delivering and developing effective agritech solutions using advanced technologies. Let’s begin:

What is Leads Connect all about?

Leads Connect is primarily an agritech analytics organization with a vision of delivering end-to-end solutions to farmers. Besides delivering and developing effective agritech solutions using advanced technologies such as space technologies and artificial intelligence, the company has also been engaged in Research & Development activities related to climate change and disaster risk reduction.

What are the services you offer?

Leads Connect offer services/products in the following aspects:

  • Farm Risk Management

  • Crop Acreage Estimation

  • Crop Classification

  • Crop Health Analytics

  • Crop Loss Assessment

  • Artificial Intelligence Backed Crop Yield Forecast

  • Alerts & Advisory – Crop Management

  • Climate-Smart Agriculture Framework

  • AgriPortal - A SaaS-based Solution

  • Intelligent Disaster Risk Reduction System

How & When did you come up with an idea to start a company like this?

To me, entrepreneurship is a mission to solve the most pressing problems of our times. And what could be a more challenging and pressing issue than addressing food insecurity in the wake of unprecedented increase in global population and climate change? Hence, years back, sometime in the year of 2009, something within me became irresistible to find sustainable solutions for agriculture which will touch the lives of millions. So, I left my corporate job and plunged into entrepreneurship with a sole mission, that is, bringing a smile on the face of millions through developing a sustainable people-centric agricultural solution. And hence, we started research & development activities related to climate change and disaster management too as sustainable agricultural solutions require addressing these aspects effectively.

What challenges did you face during the Pandemic?

Firstly, I wish to mention with no ambiguity that the challenges were paramount. In such times when the whole world is at a standstill and the entire world was confined to their houses, we had to work on the field. This means that the health of our team was at risk, mobility of resources was a huge challenge, and that too in a timely manner as delays can never be afforded in agriculture. Moreover, the financial stability of the organization as I firmly believe that we need to take care of our team in all possible respects. But, more than taking delight in sharing this, I am very satisfied to say that we as a team sailed through this challenge by GOD’s grace. And I am proud of my team for their unflinching determination and passion towards the responsibilities. So, I want to say this: we are now geared up to scale new heights. As I mentioned earlier that entrepreneurship is a mission for me and so, we will not stop till we make our dream and vision come true.

Please tell us about the best day of your life as an entrepreneur.

We have come a long way and it has been a very fulfilling journey for me as an entrepreneur. We delivered prestigious projects to the nodal agencies of government and currently have a pan India presence. We are currently active in more than 100 districts of India and are handling a World Bank-funded project in Northeast India. Moreover, the company is in collaboration with national and international organizations of repute for research & development activities.

But let me take the liberty to modify this question: instead of sharing the best day in my life as an entrepreneur, I wish to share the best moment of this journey without giving much detail. I was in a meeting and was having a very important discussion with a team of delegates. Amidst the discussion, I strongly felt that they have very strong trust in LeadsConnect regarding our capabilities and are of the view that ‘the LeadsConnect is heading in a very right direction and with persistence & perseverance, the company can definitely develop and implement people-centric agri-solutions which can touch the lives of many. I firmly believe that this ‘trust’ is the wealth of our organization and it is really satisfying for me.

What future plans do you have for your company?

Since the moment, I conceived the idea of this organization; I have been working with only one mission and that is, working towards bringing a revolution in the world of agriculture. My aim is to solve the challenges of agriculture in reality. The world needs a very strong sustainable food system. Otherwise, the menaces of a weak agricultural system will paralyze the whole socio-economic and socio-cognitive system. We will scale up our research & development activities to a phenomenal level and will strengthen the field presence to assure that our solutions must reach each and every stakeholder. And hence, we will be working towards building solutions that would be backed by cutting edge technologies, and yes, comprehensive community participation will be assured as I believe that if we really wish to solve problems then concerned communities need to be engaged.

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