Kamayani Naresh, Former navy officer promotes 'Zyropathy' to boost Immunity

Kamayani Naresh, Former navy officer
Kamayani Naresh

In Ramayan, there is an incident that Hanuman went to bring the “Sanjeevani”from the specific Hill area -Drongiri Parvat. The medicinal plants and herbs with their extracts were always used by Raj Vaid, village Vaid and even Dadi-Nani were able to cure the ailments from the material available in the Kitchen viz. Salt, Black Pepper (Kali Mirch), Ajwain, Sounf etc.  

A former Naval Officer Shri Kamayani Naresh, a Zyropath used Amla, Dalchini, Anar and such like other material used in the Indian Kitchen and the Farmers are cultivating the same in season specific and area specific regions. 

Towards increasing the immunity and curing the ailment the whole treatment termed as ZYROPATHY.  

Zyropath, Kamayani Naresh, Founder Zyropathy (ZyroHealthcare Pvt Ltd) in an interview with Krishi Jagran talked about the benefits of Zyropathy to farmers and common man. Let us have a look to the New Treatment Zyropathy. 

What is Zyropathy? 

Zyropathy is a system which supports humanity. Zyropathy came into existence from the word Zyro which in nutshell means helping humanity. When I had started this system, there was no such name, but later, when people started enquiring about it, I had to give some name and at that point of time we were publishing the magazine titled Zyro. The story is, I wanted to publish a magazine related to health for which I had given many names to RNI for registration, but every time they reject the names, as they all were already being used by some other magazines.

After 3rd or 4th attempt, I came across this word Zyro which was also rejected as it an abstract word and cannot be given the name of any magazine or newspaper. There is a society in Canada, Kabalarian Society, deciphering & designing names from the past 150 years, I approached them and requested them to decipher the name Zyro. The word meant helping humanity. So when people started asking me what is the name of your treatment? I could not find a better name than Zyropathy.  

Which medicinal plants are involved as a part of your herbal supplements? 

There are numerous plants involved in making herbal supplements and it is very difficult to specify any name because we have more than 45 products and each product is made from some or the other extract of some plant. However, to name a few are Arjuna, Trifla, Purnawa, Amla, Dalchini,Chotagokahru,Vasala, Guruchi, Gulab, Pipali, Gugul, Shilajit,Sarvagandha,Drasha, Panchmul,Amla, Anar, Akika, Mapple,Gulmarg, Jamun, Satwari, Kali mirch, and tulsi. 

To increase immunity, how Zyropathy is useful? Any recognition/certification - which institution gives the education of Zyropathy? 

Zyropathy uses natural products, natural extracts of plants and herbs, which are adjustable with the body and they suit the body and do not cause any harmful effect or side effect. Zyropathy has done extensive study on immunity system and has assembled the knowledge about building up overall immunity of the body. Most of the people do not understand that immunity is not one element in the body but every organ has its own immunity system and every organ needs different types of support to build up its own immunity. Zyropathy has made combinations of supplements by using herbal natural extracts which support overall immunity of the body and that is Zyropathy takes care of the immunity in the most natural way.

Presently, Zyropathy does not impart any education on the subject, however planning and preparations for the materials required is under process and we plan to start a diploma course on Zyropathy in another 6 months, wherein the concept of Zyropathy will be amalgamated with Ayurvedic doctors  or any other expert in the field of medicine who is suitable and has a pre- background or knowledge of human physiology and functions of the body organs so that they are able to grasp and assimilate knowledge of Zyropathy currently and are able to serve the society in the most appropriate manner. 

How farmers are benefited from the same? 

We use innumerable medicinal plants for extraction and for making our supplements and herbal preparations. Farmers who are growing these organic plants in any way get benefited from the same because we purchase these herbs and plants from them and after the quality evaluation; they are used in our supplements. So, most of the farmers who are into growing medicinal plants get benefited from our system.  

What is the manufacturing process from sourcing material to the finished product and where is the manufacturing unit located?  

Sourcing procedure starts with ordering the products or plants required for medicinal purposes and wherever we are not satisfied with the extracts being supplied by other factories or with other extraction units, we make our own extracts from these. As far as the process of sourcing is concerned, we initially take sample along with the certificate about the quality of the product. We get it revaluated and once the product is of satisfactory level, the order is given and the product is supplied.  Post that, there is a second round of check where we get the products tested. At the end, the complete product is ready for a last round of testing. After which it is distributed to people. Our manufacturing is done by Space Organics in Rai, near Sonipat, Haryana. Few of our units are also in Chandigarh and Ahmedabad. 

Please tell us something about Preventika and its ingredients and how beneficial it could be for COVID-19? 

Preventika is a boon to humanity. This has been made from the extracts of 14 different herbs such as Tulsi, Turmeric, Bail, Sheesham, Gumar, Arjuna, Gudichi, Giloy, Soy, Ashwangandha, Dal chini, Pudina, Dhaniya, Howthrone & MotherWart. Preventika takes care of complete immunity system of the body. It is a complete medication for building up overall immunity of the body. It was basically designed for protecting humans from 19 different ailments and boost the immunity.

As far as COVID-19 is concerned, Preventika is the best solution, as it has got all the ingredients which are required for building the immunity. Today, there are more than 10,000 families in the world which are using Preventika and safe from COVID.  

Any health tips for the users as per the current situation.  

The best advice I would give is to add Preventika to your daily routine. Take 2 tablets a day and keep your immune system strong. Also, make sure that you eat healthy and nutritious food. 

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