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OSwal’s Successful Solution to BPH


One of the leading agro chemical firms named “Monsoon Agro chemicals” which is a formulation company has swayed the North India lately with its effective and efficient products.  The company takes pride in manufacturing a wide range of products including fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and plant growth regulators. The company has gained immense market credibility and a good reputation in the eyes of farmers. Krishi Jagran team fetched the opportunity to meet and conduct an exclusive interview with Mr. Ramesh Bansal, Managing Director of the Monsoon Agro Chemicals.

Telling  about the company, Ramesh Bansal  mentioned that  “Oswal Krishi Riyasan Pvt. Ltd.”  which is the sister company of Monsoon Agro Chemicals was established in 2008 to sell the brands formulated by Monsoon agro. The firm started with 30- 40 products and takes pride to have extended the number to 136. In the last 5 years they have provided quality products  which have received great feedback from the farmers. Ramesh Bansal was highly delighted to mention about his product, “Black Gold”, which works on Brown Plant Hopper (BPH),a devastating pest of rice. Further he added, When no other company’s product was working on BPH, Black Gold turned out to be 100% effective.

On question of the company’s involvement in technicals and India’s policy on importing agro chemicals, he stated that though the company has not yet been into technicals and only deals in production, it is pondering on the company’s prospects to enter in technical manufacturing and developing such plants in next few years. He strongly supports India’s policy on barring China’s technicals import and is in favour of  producing the agro chemicals domestically. About the company’s work in the bio-chemicals direction, He stated that company has one Bio-lab  under construction in Dera Bassi, Punjab. 

 According to Ramesh Bansal, the Govt. is not  being much helpful in the form of  funding in the sector of Research and Development for technical manufacturing. He mentioned this sector needs huge funding for research particularly which is a very difficult task and the government has not indulged itself in R&D.

The company also  has plans and prospects of partnerships with other leading firms worldwide. Such plans and decision are awaiting in the pipeline. There are 4-5 products which the company is soon going to launch in the market . Ramesh Bansal delightfully told the KJ team that his firm timely conducts farmer meetings wherein they  educate  the farmers and disseminates knowledge about their product. Recently, the company has  also activated a helpline number for the farmers’ welfare.

The six North Indian states where the company has its reach are :  Haryana, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. Ramesh Bansal looks its firm to be  covering the southern states in the near future. When asked about the current turnover of the firm, Bansal quoted it to be 80 cr. which is targeted to be around 120 cr. this year . The major products which the company currently  deals  with,  are : Tango , Black gold, Flight, Sat- vat, MIT- MAGIC, Hunter, Diamond Gold etc. The  crops which the firm focuses on are : Rice, vegetables , cotton , sugarcane and mango etc.

When asked about GST and its effects, He mentioned positively that the company has not witnessed any  ill effects. Ending our short discussion with Ramesh Bansal, he addressed the farmers stating that farmers should buy only quality products. He strongly feels that the  farmers are much aware  these days and is hopeful to be helpful to the community.

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